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Halo 4 Magnum

Halo 4 Inspirations (Game Informer)

Game Informer just released another episode in their ongoing preview of Halo 4. This video goes over where the team of 343i finds their inspiration to create this advanced world of Halo. Check out the video here.
by Tim


Halo 4 Live Action Web Series

Coming to a computer near you, Microsoft plans to create a live action series for next fall  Microsoft will be spending the most they have ever spent on a live action shoot and plans to release the in the weeks preceding the ...
by Tim


Halo 4 Playtest Reviews

This week 343i had a playtest where they invited people from MLG, pro football players, and more to check out the Halo 4 multiplayer. Luckily for us, Killa KC (MLG player) and Louis Wu (Halo.Bungie.Org founder), were kind enou...
by Tim


Halo 4 Cortana

Cortana Game Informer Video

Check out this article and video by Game Informer about the rise and fall of Cortana in Halo 4. Click here for article
by Tim

Halo 4 Xbox Theme Dashboard

Premium Xbox Theme and Multiplayer Details

The weekly Halo bulletin released yesterday and it brought news of a new Halo 4 Xbox theme. This theme contains multiple Halo 4 concept art designs that allow the user to customize to their liking. This theme will cost you 240 ...
by Tim


Halo 4 Master Chief Armor Analysis

Official Xbox Magazine UK Scans

Most of these images have already been released, but this Official Xbox Magazine UK article goes a bit more into depth about what to expect from Halo 4. (Notice the new weapon Master Chief is holding on the cover photo). When...
by Tim



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