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Leaked Multiplayer Gameplay On Wraparound

More multiplayer gameplay has been leaked and posted by the Halolessons website. The map they are playing on is the solar power facility named Wraparound. Notice that after the player is killed, they are able to watch a killcam...
by Tim

Halo bulletin 5.30.12

Halo Bulletin 5.30.12 (Almost E3)

This weeks Halo bulletin did not give us any information that we haven’t already heard. BS angel commented: In an effort to not spoil any of the upcoming reveals (Spartan Ops and gameplay and new enemies, oh my!), I’m g...
by Tim

Halo 4 Spartan On Turret

18 More Leaked Screenshots

The Halolessons website posted 18 images that look like they are from the same setting as the previous leak. Sorry, but again the images are very blurry. Check out the gallery below. Things to note: •It looks like the spartan...
by Tim


Halo 4 Best Buy Poster

Best Buy Preorder Pack

On top of the armor skin you will receive from preordering with Best Buy, reddit user sfspectre uploaded a photo he snapped of the other bonus content that is given with the preorder. A bonus pack that includes an awesome gra...
by Tim


UK Preorder Bonuses

or those of you Halo 4 fans who live across the pond, and will be offering a another set of preorder bonus skins. Pre-orderers will unlock “customizable Oceanic Armor Circuit and battle rifle skins...
by Tim


Railgun and Ghost

More Leaked Screenshots

Just saw these screenshots released on reddit by user Cyren. They seem to from the same grouping of leaked images that we saw two days ago. Things to Note •Player can choose a tactical package (definition unknown) •Support...
by Tim



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