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New Editions of Halo 4 to Come?

A while back, 343i stated that there will not be a Legendary Edition release of Halo 4, instead just a limited and standard edition. While I believe this news is set in stone, BS Angel seemed to hint at more possible Halo 4 bra...
by Tim


Halo 4 Armor Comparison

d Halo Reach Gungnir                             Halo 4 Throwback Suggestions                       &n...
by Tim

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New Forums!

Hey everyone we just got our new Forums up and running thanks to Ryan over at The Halo4Nation forums will be a place to have mature, intelligent, and in depth discussions about Halo 4 or other games if y...
by Tim



Halo Bulletin 6.28.12 (Longbow Map)

This week’s bulletin discussed a few things one being the new Longbow Map, and the other being next week’s RTX. I posted the Longbow map details from the bulletin below. Check out the full bulletin here Longbow From...
by Tim

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Ducain23 Talks New Vehicles, Weapons, and Spartan Ops

Halo 4 news seems to be slowing down for the summer as 343i begins the final grind before release day. This is why Ducain23 posted two new videos that analyze news you may have heard before, but in more depth. New Vehicles, ...
by Tim



New Info From MS Expert Zone

Microsoft ExpertZone displayed some new Halo 4 facts that I think people will be interested in. They state there will be 10 new weapons, 2 new vehicles, and 50 Spartan Ops missions over a 10 week period. Thanks to reddit user ...
by Tim



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