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At Least 10 Multiplayer Maps Announced

The Halo Waypoint website posted this image which details what is included with the shipment of Halo 4. The image reads: Frankie’s Response Ten maps might sound a bit low, but in response to a question on Neogaf, Frankie ...
by Tim


Character Summaries

Released character descriptions from Waypoint Master Chief DESIGNATION: Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 HEIGHT: 7ft 2in (218cm) WEIGHT: 286.6lbs (130kg) At the age of six, a boy named John was abducted and conscripted in...
by Tim



New HD Screenshots and Renders

Waypoint just released these all new high resolution screenshots from the E3 trailer, as well as some awesome character,vehicle and weapon renders. Click a thumbnail to start the slideshow
by Tim

Valley Skyline

E3 Opening Gameplay!

Gameplay Starts at 1:00 Smart Glass Demo Here it is everybody, the opening E3 gameplay of Halo 4 campagin. There are so many new things to point out, but I will be brief. Things to Note: •New Forerunner enemies (Look awesome!...
by Tim


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