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E3 Gameplay Interview with Josh Holmes

Yes the gameplay is from the opening E3  campaign scene, but Josh Holmes provides a little more information to help clarify what Master Chief will be up against.
by Tim


Weapons List Updated

Hey everybody, I updated the weapons list after Waypoint released the new weapon biographies.
by Tim

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Extended Multiplayer and Spartan Ops Gameplay

Here is more of an extended look at the Multiplayer and Spartan Ops gameplays that we showed yesterday. War Games (Matchmaking) Spartan Ops Infinity Multiplayer  War Games Observations •Sticky Detonator (Rocket Pistol) looks...
by Tim


Halo 4 Falcon

E3 Spartan Ops Preview & New Screenshot

A quick preview about the all new multiplayer mode, Spartan Ops. More gameplay soon to come.
by Tim


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