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Halo 4 On Jimmy Fallon Tuesday Night

I found out about this news a few days ago but decided to remind everyone the day before. Late Night show host, Jimmy Fallon, posted a photo on his Instagram revealing his post E3 lineup. Halo 4 landed the Tuesday spot and will...
by Tim

Halo 4 Bumper Jumper

All Controller Configurations

Thank you to Reddit user Shieldhead for posting these layout screenshots from the Halo 4 livestreams Default Boxer Bumper Jumper Green Thumb Recon Southpaw
by Tim

Halo 4 E3

Ask 343i a Question

BS Angel today posted on the Waypoint forums inviting the community to ask any question they desired about Halo 4. She states that they will try and answer as many of them as possible in the upcoming Halo Bulletin. Although be ...
by Tim


Halo 4 Live Action

Extended Live Action Trailer

This live action trailer just aired during the Euro 2012 match between France and England. If the trailer looks familiar, it is because most of the footage was seen at the E3 preview. This time we are able to watch Master Chief...
by Tim

Halo 4 Euro 2012

New Live Action Trailer Soon

Stayed tuned later this afternoon for a live action Halo 4 trailer to debut during halftime of the Euro 2012 England vs France game. In case any of you didn’t know this is a soccer match, that is set to air at 12:00 pm to...
by Tim


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