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Sniper Rifle, Hardlight Shield, And More Commentary

Gamespot released two new gameplays that were recorded at E3 that give us a better look at the Sniper Rifle and the Hardlight shield. I must say the first person view of the Sniper may take some getting used to; very different ...
by Tim

Halo 4 Regicide

New Regicide Gameplay

Gameplay of the new game type, Regicide, has surfaced. The gameplay is pretty short, but it does give a glimpse at the medals at the end. Here is a summary of the gametype rules.
by Tim


Live Action Teaser During NBA Finals Tonight

During the 3rd quarter of the Heat vs Thunder NBA Finals game tonight, Halo 4 will have a live action teaser ad. Following that teaser, will be a 60 second US debut TV spot, says Frankie. Frankie posted this via Neogaf, but I a...
by Tim


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