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Halo Bulletin: 7.6.12 (Infinity Slayer)

Infinity Slayer Team Slayer has always been the most popular mode in Halo, so when we sat down to build the Halo 4 competitive multiplayer experience, we asked ourselves several questions: How do you improve upon Team Slayer, e...
by Tim


Forum Referral Contest

Hey! With the amazing members and discussions already happening in our first month, we’ve decided to celebrate with a contest as a way of saying thanks. Anyone can take part; you don’t need to be a talented artist...
by Tim


First Look: Halo 4 Forge

Great video that shows off the new Forge system and some new maps; keep in mind this is a demo, and not final.   $1,000,000 budget: Halo 4’s Forge features a much larger budget. 3 Forge Environments: Halo 4 will sh...
by Tim


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