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Halo 4 promethean emp grenade

Promethean EMP Grenade Gameplay

Update: The grenade may also act as a Promethean incendiary grenade, but it is fairly unknown at this time. Sorry for any confusion. I was browsing the Waypoint forums and saw the post about the Promethean EMP grenade that ha...
by Tim

Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 5.13.17 PM

Part 2: 343i vs Community Gameplay

Yesterday we saw the first part of the Comic Con match between members of 343 and the community. Here is part 2..Enjoy Discuss it in the forums
by Tim

Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 4.43.16 PM

Full Spartan Ops Gameplay

Thanks to Cyren on Reddit for posting this awesome full length Spartan Ops gameplay. Its not a direct screen capture, but its the highest quality version of Spartan Ops gameplay we have seen so far. Discuss it in the Forums!
by Tim


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