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Halo Waypoint Store

The Halo Waypoint store has officially opened. Now you can stock up on your favorite Halo merchandise like hoodies and toys. Click the button to check out the goods.
by Tim

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Halo 4 Reviews

IGN and Machinima uploaded their official review of Halo 4. I think you will be pleased to see the ratings. Thank you to Tavoria Nevette for sending me the links. Check out 20 War Games gameplays here IGN Halo 4 Review Machinim...
by Tim

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20 Gameplay Videos

Hey guys, today the embargo was lifted for multiplayer gameplay so here is a playlist of videos. Thanks to Bluntman for posting these gameplays
by Tim


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First Halo 4 Montage

Bravo uploaded the first ever Halo 4 montage to his channel. Check it out.
by Tim


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