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Multikill and Killing Spree Clips

Check out these gameplays showcasing some sweet multikills and killing sprees. Also click here for Halo 4 MLG Livestream Banshee Inconcievable Killimanjaro 33 Kills in 4-Minutes SAW with Damage Boost Railgun Triple Kill Snipedo...
by Tim


Weekly Screenshot Contest!

Got an awesome screenshot? Once Halo 4 launches I will be accepting submissions for sweet screenshots. Each week I will make a post with the best five screenshots submitted to me for that week. After that, I will let you guys v...
by Tim

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Five Bravo Gameplays

Bravo uploaded these five gameplays in the past day or so. It’s nice to see a good player as well as a gameplay in HD. Enjoy. Slayer Pro – Relay (4v4) Haven KOTH FFA – Bravo POV Pre-Releasse Grifball Match! So...
by Tim



Halo Mashup #16

The weekly mashup is just a random collection of awesome Halo related content (videos, pictures, music, etc.) that I think you guys will enjoy. Tell me what you think in the comments, and if there is something cool you want me ...
by Tim


MLG Dallas Gameplays

MLG Dallas is going on right now so check out some of the matches between the Western Wolves and Immunity. I will be updating the site as more gameplays are released. Thanks to iamLewis for posting. MLG Livestream Here Western ...
by Tim


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