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Stay with us here at Halo4Nation

As the release of Halo 4 nears, I feel that everyone (including me) will have a true dedication to the game. Many of you may move on from checking for daily Halo 4 news, but remember our community will still be living here; in ...
by Tim

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Midnight Launch Callout

David Ellis address those of you who will be attending the midnight release of Halo 4. Get Excited! Discuss it in the forums
by Tim


Perfection 35-0 Inconceivable Gameplay

NakedEli has already gotten 2 games where he has no deaths and over 30 kills; now that is impressive. PERFECTION 34-0 “Invincible” Slayer Gameplay on Complex PERFECTION 35-0 Inconceivable Slayer Gameplay on Abandon ...
by Tim


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Spartan Ops Episode 1

Spartan Ops Episode 1 has been released and along with it comes the five separate chapters. Waypoint released the chapter names and mission descriptions along with the CGI cutscene. If you want to save the cutscene for the ga...
by Tim


The Final Day

Halo 4 is one day away (closer for some) and I couldn’t be more excited. It has been a long, but amazing journey since Halo 4’s announcement back at E3 2011, and I hope the fun lasts for many more years to come. I, ...
by Tim


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