An automatic turret which can be deployed to defend its user or command a key battlefield choke-point.


Active Camo:

Appear to be camouflaged and almost invisible to your enemy (Drawbacks have not been announced).


Thruster Pack:

Enables a powerful burst of movement allowing the ability to evade or quickly close the gap.


Promethean Vision:

Enables users to send out a short x-ray pulse which allows the player to temporarily see enemies through walls.


Regeneration Field:

Allows the user to release a short-range energy field that heals any nearby spartans.



Allows users limited flight through a vertical lift propulsion system similar to that of EVA re-entry packs.



Send out a hologram clone of your spartan to distract enemies (similar to Reach hologram).


Hardlight Shield

Allows users to a protective barrier of hard light which stops most small arms fire and some explosives.