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Halo 4 and Halo 5 Beta Armor Sets

Photos courtesy of Ready Up Live

Halo 5 Beta Body Armor

Recruit : Unlocked by default

Air Assault : Reach SR3

Recon : Reach SR5

Aviator : Reach SR10

Recruit BRN : Reach SR15

Athlon : Reach SR20

Warrior : Reach SR24

Defender : Reach SR27

Air Assault DPT : Reach SR30

Soldier : Reach SR34

Centurion : Reach SR38

Special unlocks via The Master Chief Collection:

Mark-VI : Get the “Your Journey Begins” achievement (complete any mission or multiplayer game)

Mark-VI Scarred : Get the “Cairo Station” achievement (complete the Halo 2 mission Cairo Station)

Nightfall : Watch the Halo: Nightfall series (all 5 episodes)

Helioskrill : Get the “Legend” achievement (complete all four campaigns on Legendary)


Halo 5 Helmets

Recruit : Unlocked by default

Air Assault : Reach SR2

Recon : Reach SR4

Aviator : Reach SR9

Recruit BRN : Reach SR14

Athlon : Reach SR19

Warrior : Reach SR23

Scout : Reach SR25

Defender : Reach SR26

Air Assault DPT : Reach SR29

Soldier : Reach SR33

Centurion : Reach SR37


Mark-VI Scarred




Halo 5 Visors

Recruit : Unlocked by default

Cyan : Reach SR7

Frost : Reach SR12

Blindside : Reach SR17

Sunspot : Reach SR22

Solar : Reach SR28

Verdant : Reach SR32

Midnight : Reach SR35


Full Halo 4 Armor Sets

C.I.O. : Spartan Slayer Master

Gungnir : Slayer Victory Master

Fotus : Limited Edition Halo Xbox

Recruit : Starting Armor

Hazop : Reach the Rank of SR-43

Infiltrator : Reach the Rank of SR-42

Mk. VI : Complete the campaign on Legendary (Solo or Co-op)

Oceanic : Reach the Rank of SR-47

Orbital : Reach the Rank of SR-41

Recon : Reach the Rank of SR-26

Strider War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4

Scout : Reach the Rank of SR-38

Soldier : Reach the Rank of SR-15

Venator : Assassin Master

Warrior : Reach the Rank of SR-8

Deadeye : Pre-order from BestBuy / Play.com

Locus : Pre-order from Future Shop / Mighty Ape or Play Mountain Dew King of the Hill iPhone app

E.O.D. : Reach the Rank of SR-45

Aviator : Reach the Rank of SR-17

Defender : Reach the Rank of SR-21

War Master : Reach the Rank of SR-37

E.V.A. : Reach the Rank of SR-27

Enforcer : Reach the Rank of SR-50

Vanguard : Forerunner Enemy Mastery

Air Assault : Reach the Rank of SR-11

Scanner : War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4

Commando : Dominion Victory Master

Ranger : Combat Opportunity Master

Protector : UNSC Loadout Master

Raider : Halo Waypoint Classified Unlock Click Here For Unlock Codes


Specialization Armor











Recruit : Starting

Solar : Reach the Rank of SR-20

Frost : Reach the Rank of SR-29

Midnight : Reach the Rank of SR-46

Cyan : Earn the Commendation From the Brink Master

Blindside : Earn the Commendation Avenger Master

Sunspot : Earn the Commendation Assistant Master

Verdant : Earn the Commendation Splatter Master

Legendary : Complete the campaign on Legendary (Solo or Co-op)