October 23, 2012

Halo 4 Gameplay Launch Trailer

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Check out the official Halo 4 gameplay launch trailer.


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  • disqus_L7LsbMjqB8

    I can’t believe I’s saying this but FIRST!!!
    That felt soooooo good



  • Julian Alejandro Castillo

    Spolier alert…

    • Logan Bird

      best spoiler ever

    • Raxs

      The only reason I’m not liking your comment is because, for a seconds, you freaked me out XD

      • Max117

        Me too !

    • Michael Mangan

      Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu oh my god you most of hacked to get that kind of top secret information

    • Spencer Peterson

      Great. Halo 4 is ruined now that I know credits are at the end.

  • Oreo


  • Oreo

    Ha ha first

  • Mcnelly

    I’m gonna go change my shorts

    • Max117

      Me too.
      Oops, too late !

  • Yackeem

    That was awesome. Period. I am at a loss of words.

  • The Squatchmenz

    I cant wait to see what they do with the character didact.

  • Yackeem

    Any doubts that the campaign would be subpar are now gone. 343, I give you the nod of broness,

    • mistah ARK

      This actually might just be my favorite Halo of all time, from what I’ve seen recently. Brofist, 343.



  • Sam Halo

    Simply awe-inspiring. 343 has my complete trust now πŸ˜€

  • Yackeem

    Its weird seeing chief helpless at the end of the trailer. He usually is in control.

    • Colin Regn

      Exactly my thought. I kinda like it, makes him feel more human.

    • AdamFortier

      I thinks its to show more of chiefs human side like 343 intended. For all those years chief was the go to covenant ass kicker but now against a new enemy whom he knows almost nothing about he will actually struggle to survive.

  • Ryan

    Well…um..yeah, I literaly don’t know what to say. That was just to dam epic. 343 you have done beter than I ever thought possible.

  • Nbolinaga18

    0:08 Halo Ring

    • Yackeem

      I saw that too. Maybe its a flashback or one of the other 5 undiscovered halo rings.

      • Carl

        From legit-ly released main menu footage from 343i there seems to be Requiem and a Ring in this game.

        Link to Video released before leak:

      • Seth Allister Hansen

        flashback? in his NEW armor? I think not

      • blabla

        look at 0:53 in the background of the didact and the chief there is a ring.

        • Fenirad

          That is not a ring it’s much to small. My guess is that it’s some kind of light beam, like we see on forge world in halo reach.

          • blabla

            if you look above what you call a light beam, you can see some orange details making it a bigger ring.

    • Guest

      That is the crashed remains of a ship, shown in the concept art. I assume it is th Forward unto Dawn.

      • Nbolinaga18

        sorry 0:13

        • Fenirad

          That, my friend, is the outline of Requiem.

          • Nathaniel MacDonald

            “i mean 0:16″

            “That’s… Master Chief, dude.”

          • THE DIAKONOS

            Keep this going, this is fun! Weeeee!

          • Halokilla2553

            have you played the game yet? No! (unless you illegally downloaded it) So don’t have doubts there will be no Halo. I mean look the game is called halo. why wouldn’t there be a halo? I hope we see one!! It’s possible for it to be Installation 07 from from the book Halo: Primordium

        • Bobbyflow

          Does anyone remember the mysterious ship that crash landed during the halo CEA terminals? It looks to me at :12 like its a flashback to that…

      • Fenirad

        Yeah that’s not a Halo ring.

    • Andrew

      Pretty sure they comfermed the halo ring controled by that crazy AI is gonna be a part of the story. It would be kind of strange for a halo game not to have a halo in it.

      • Bobbyflow

        Well at the last terminal in halo 3 on legendary talk about how the crazy ai realized his mistake and wanted to make things up by saving cheif somehow during the the last mission on halo.

  • Bradley Steinbach

    Just keeps getting more epic!!!!!!

  • Luis Diaz

    they say black ops 2 IS GOING TO BE BETTER BULL shit they can go stick there gay ass game up there company’s ass cause halo 4 is kicking ass right now so take that fucking fag ops

    • AdamFortier

      I would agree with you but then you go and discredit yourself and your entire comment by using fag at the end

    • Max117

      We don’t want to hear the word **COD** (I will kill me after that I will press the *Post* button), on this website.
      Understood ?

  • NoobsShallDie

    I…I don’t even know what to say… just take my money right now! I don’t want to wait 12 more days. I need this game!!!! O_O

  • Adam

    ancient evil…that speaks english

    • GC Snooze

      Remember that long long long ago before the halos were activated, Humans and Forerunners were once at war. Forerunners are capable of translating to all categorized races, especially after they scan them

    • mistah ARK

      Not just English, British English. But the @gcsnooze:disqus has it right.

  • Synnota

    The forerunners are back! πŸ˜€ And we can stop them! Together! x3

  • halo4life

    That was epic!!!!

  • Brodie Diaz

    i love how MC has a knife rather than smashing his fists in to every thing even though that was a from to show you how strong he was. witch he is

    • Nathaniel MacDonald

      Don’t call the Chief a witch, dude.


    How many time have YOU watched this. Answer: More than I will say. This is fantastic!!!

  • Archangel

    yeeeeeeah thats a knife

  • Jake

    Im throwing money at my screen but it wont accept xd

    • Netgear45


  • Kram this is an HD gameplay of regicide on the new map Vortex πŸ˜€

    • Max117

      Nice ! It have the Rocket warthog !

  • SurprizeForYou

    Am I the only one who noticed the HUGE floating “sentinel” similar in design to how the ones on Onyx looked? I’m terrified.

  • The Aggie

    I don’t think it was that great of a trailer, but I’m a HUGE Halo fan so I’m still nerding out and no doubt the campaign will be awesome!!!

    Tailer Highlights:
    1. They show a new Halo ring… I assumed we’d only see requiem in this one.
    2. We see (parts of) Didect… Pretty much little doubt that’s who it is.
    3. “We are Forerunners, guardians of all that exist”… It’s not exactly news anymore, but since Halo: Combat Evolved we have always wondered about the Forerunners… well, here they are!!!

    • EpicOverkill982

      You are correct, the Didact is on Requiem!

  • Nick Brembos

    this game is blowing my mind more an more each day

  • chez

    its awesome i have completed

  • dario huallpa

    ooh shit ‘‘ im going to change my pants , iΒ΄ll be right back…….

  • Bobbyflow

    Does anyone remember the mysterious ship that crash landed during the halo CEA terminals? It looks to me at :12 like its a flashback to that. πŸ˜€

  • fwcj95


  • AdamFortier

    For all the amazing trailers and info that has been released especially in the last few months its nice that they have kept a tight lid on the majority of the story info. (well unless your unfortunate like me to have the ending spoiled to you from that leak a week ago)

  • Bobbyflow

    I came buckets…

  • Robert Harley

    Something about Master Chief’s voice isn’t right… I know it’s the same actor.. but… does anyone agree.

    • Jikar

      It’s the same actor, so there may be a bit more emotion in the voice itself

  • Jikar

    Alright, so I watched the trailer this morning before school started, without sound because I didn’t have headphones. It was pretty damn good.
    I watch it now, with sound, and I get goosebumps… This… is… brilliant

  • Ryan

    Man oh man, the wait is excruciating!

  • Xaiver Simmons


  • Archangel

    this is random but i have a question. now people always “predict” the end of the world and usually have a time and day to go with it. But the worlds divided in different zones and isn’t 1/2 of it a day ahead. so would they experience it first while the other half panics or what? when will it affect the whole world? how do we even know they didn’t make a math mistake or have inaccurate/outdated info?

  • Halokilla2553

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Sniper S-122

    how is the force wielding guy that picks up master chief at the end?

  • Sniper S-122

    sorry. who is this guy?

  • somebody

    At 47 it looks like you can see the front of a mammoth and some weird floating circle thingy.

  • Jose Ureita

    I think thats the orbiter in the last part of the video

  • Max117


    John-117 never take a shower since 5 years.

  • Max117

    OMG OMG SO EPIC !!! 0.0

  • Black Falcon

    am i the only one that will be getting through the campaign in one strait play through?

  • spartan-089

    and they shall fall as well……………………..

  • Austin Axford

    if you read the books when chief first had to fight the convenant he wasnt the tank that we know him as in the games……i like that.

  • F22rulez

    When I kill over 5000 grunts, I don’t think about them. or their families… Where all heartless monsters. LAWLZ

  • angrylongtimehalofan

    halo 4 was such a failure. had so much hope that it would go back to what halo was meant to be, but it only got worse. a poorly made version of cod. no competitiveness and map design was terrible. what a joke

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