June 13, 2012

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Gameplay

Screen shot 2012-06-13 at 12.45.32 AM

Sorry to disappoint most of you, but the gameplay shown on Jimmy Fallon was nothing new. If you have been keeping up with E3 you would have seen the same Campaign walkthrough that Jimmy played.

Although I still find it funny how uncoordinated Jimmy Fallon is when he tries to play video games.

Check out the clip here


  • Noel Brijesh Guru


  • James

    LOL they both suck bad.

  • Squatchmen


  • Forrestgump998

    How can you say that they both suck bad when you haven’t even played the game. Everybody plays on a different level of skill I know Jimmy Fallon didn’t do the best but stop trolling on pepole dude.

    • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

      that’s just his opinion. chill out

      • spencer hodges

        exactly and james actually has a point he couldnt even point the reticle but then forrest makes a point: everyone has a different lvl of skill so yea, i still think if he was actually trying he would at least killed a bit more efficiently.

        • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

          well said

          • spencer hodges

            hey im good at speaches for an 11y/o (pretty much 12 saying that im going into 7th grade and THEN becoming 12 in 7th, but its funny because im taller than people WAAAY older than me)

  • tplayplus

    Did he have it on like super super easy mode or something cause he should have died

  • Josh

    He needs to play more FPS games because that was ALMOST embarrassing.

  • jdog

    he sucks at halo

  • jdog

    and i mean he realy realy sucks at halo

  • jdog

    hhhhhoooooowwwwww did he survive that!!!!!!!!!!! he probly had them set it so he couldnt die

  • skippy

    i know right it was a bit trippy how he survived i mean cmon people who’ve played spartan ops died when they got to close to the promethian knight but somehow he survived :/

  • mastersam

    jimmiy fallon sucks from my halo reach xp perspective i mean A for effort

  • Kres

    Seriously, u guys are pointing out that he sucks, when it obvious that its the first time he ever laid his hands on it xD i thought it was hilarious! if he had been good at it it would be boring.

  • Michael Mangan

    why is everyone caring how good he is i mean its a fucking comedy show

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