GamesRadar Interviews Frank O’Connor about Halo 5: Guardians

Recently GamesRadar has conducted an interview  with Frank O’Connor of 343 Industries. They covered aspects of Halo ranging from Halo’s core, Innovation, Master Chief’s identity and Agent Locke. An interesti...
by Shane


Red vs Blue Animator, Monty Oum, Passes Away due to an Alergic Reaction

This unfortunate news has been out for a while, but for those who did not know, Monty Oum has passed away at the young age of 33. His death was caused by a violent allergic reaction during a minor medical procedure. Monty Ou...
by Shane


E3 Halo 5/HD Collection Trailer Analysis p2 – The Flood, The Arbiter, Chief’s Geas, Sanghelios

All Halo E3 videos can be found here, whilst part 1 of this analysis can be found here. Thel’s next line ‘For he is more than the sum of his actions’ seems to reference The Master Chief’s Geas, he is much more than him...
by Scott Devon



E3 Halo 5/HD Collection Trailer Analysis p1 – Halo: Nightfall, Agent Locke, Remastered Cutscenes

All Halo E3 videos can be found here. The trailer begins by revisiting the ‘Return to Sender’ cut scene from Halo 2’s third level, Cairo Station. Compared to the original, visuals are much improved courtesy of C...
by Scott Devon


Halo 5: Guardians’ Story

Whilst the site has been down for a bit, a lot of information regarding the story of Halo 5: Guardians has already been released. Here’s a full recap ahead of E3 2014. Part 1: Halo 5: Guardians Story Part 2: Halo 5: Guardia...
by Scott Devon



New Trailer and Details – Minecraft Halo Mash-Up Pack

After hints on Twitter and a preview on Waypoint, a new trailer has been released for Minecraft’s Halo mash-up pack. Developed by 4J Studios, it’s set to add Halo themed textures, items, music and menus, along with 40 char...
by Scott Devon



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