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Musical Shields Custom Game

Check out this creative custom gametype made by ChewyNutCluster. Hope you guys have fun reverting back to some childhood memories with this game. Game Details Map: Musical Shields Gametype: Musical Shields Forger: ChewyNutClust...
by Tim

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Prop Hunt: Fun Gametype

Check out this awesome Halo 4 gametype mod made by Deceitful Echo. I love to see when people get extremely creative with Halo, try it yourself by downloading the game and map below. Enjoy! Gametype:
by Tim

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Halo 4 Rocket Race Gameplay

With 343’s recent announcement of Rocket Race coming to matchmaking, Halo4Modding has provided us with short video of what it will look like in Halo 4. It looks pretty similar to the classic mongoose version of the gametype.
by Tim


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Forge World Scarab Mod

From the same modder who brought us the Halo 4 unused weapon compilation, TehBanStick brings a Scarab into Reach’s forge world. It’s a bit glichy, but fun to watch nonetheless.
by Tim

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Vintage – Halo 4 Trick Jumping

Check out this cool trick jumping video showcasing some classic Halo maps remade in Halo4’s forge. Not the best trick jumping I have seen, but impressive nonetheless.
by Tim


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Fun Vehicle Custom Maps

Check out some of these fun vehicle based custom maps/gametypes. Grab your friends and strap in for some organized choas. RT Game Night – Race Warthog Battle Abstraction Racetrack
by Tim



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