Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer Gameplay

Nearly 10 minutes of Team Slayer gameplay on Zenith!
by Noles


Weekly Matchmaking Playlist Update – Big Team SWAT

Big Team SWAT has returned to the rotational playlist spot.  This game type is live now and will run through August 3rd. This 16-player, Featured Playlist was last seen in January and of course includes larger maps and many he...
by Joe


RTX 2014 Grifball Championship video

Are you a fan of Grifball?  If so, check out the video below of the RTX 2014 Griffball Championship Finals that were played in Austin, TX on July 6, 2014. Available on YouTube, Twitch’s “Goldenboy” and Grifb...
by Joe



Halo 4 DLC Gets Half Price Discount

According to Major Nelson’s latest blog post, Halo 4’s War Games Map Pass will see a 50% discount from tomorrow until July 14th. This Pass includes the Crimson, Majestic and Castle map packs, but not Bullseye. Halo...
by Scott Devon

Oddball Playlist

Weekly Matchmaking Update Live

343 Industries have launched their weekly matchmaking update. It brings Team Oddball as this week’s featured playlist, running the game types: Oddball Legendary Oddball Stickyball Maps include: Solace Abandon Adrift Have...
by Scott Devon



RTX Concept Art Gallery

In amongst today’s other Halo news from RTX, 343 Industries showed the initial designs for three classic Halo maps, plus Coagulation concept art.    See all RTX Articles   Support Halo4Nation – Whitelist...
by Scott Devon



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