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Matchmaking Playlist Calendar

In the latest Halo Bulletin, 343i revealed the new matchmaking playlist calendar for Halo 4. Lots of new stuff is incoming so be sure tocheck out all of the details below. From the Bulletin As first revealed on Monday’s live ...
by Tim

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Race is back!

Hey guys, good news. 343i has announced that Race is currently a featured playlist in Halo 4. As of right now the gametype is strictly for single driver mongoose races, although I’m sure it will change in the future. Hop ...
by Tim

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Dominion returns and Champions Bundle Sale

Following a recent tweet from Halo Waypoint, the Dominion game type is back for a limited time only until December 9th. Champions Bundle Sale Also if you have held off on purchasing the Champions Bundle there is no better time ...
by Tim


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Halo Bulletin 11.20.13 (Grifball)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here As I sit here with my pen and paper at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, I realize several things. The first of these is that in just two days, Xbox One will be released, which likely also means th...
by Tim


Halo Bulletin 11.6.13 (Happy Birthday Halo 4!)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here. Exactly one year ago today, I woke up in Dallas, Texas (after commentating the first ever Halo 4 tournament), hopped on an early morning flight to Los Angeles (to participate in a Halo 4 live s...
by Tim



Halo Booletin 10.30.13 (Multi-Regicide)

Read the full Halo Booletin here One of my favorite things about working at 343 Industries is the ability to watch various concepts go from sketches on a pad to full-fledged experiences. As you can imagine, being One of my favo...
by Tim



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