Halo 5: Guardians Beta Trailer Analysis – Arena multiplayer and ‘spartan abilities’

See all the E3 videos here. Apparently 343 Industries will keep with their need to contextualise the multiplayer. The match takes place on what looks like a space station or an upgraded section of the Infinity. It begins with ...
by Scott Devon

Suppressor Steel Skin

HD Steel Weapon Skins

Check out these high resolution screenshots of the not yet released steel skin pack. The Steel pack is included with the purchase of the Champion’s Bundle. Thanks to HSingh95 for posting. Wow, do these skins look spiffy o...
by Tim


Castle Map Pack Screenshots

Major Nelson posted these screenshots of the recently revealed maps.The Castle map pack will come with the maps Daybreak, Perdition, and Outcast. If you didn’t see the trailer yet you can check it out here. Update: Map De...
by Tim



Leaked Majestic Map Pack Images

The HaloCouncil just got their hands on some leaked images from the upcoming Majestic map pack. They state that the HaloGAF member Wifiplayer13 was able to manipulate some Waypoint code which revealed the pictures. Skyline l...
by Tim


New Majestic Map Pack Teasers

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone <3! If you forgot to get your significant other a gift, let them know how deeply you care for them by sending one 343’s thoughtful cards. These cards were in yesterday’s bu...
by Tim



Halo Worlds Part 2

Snapshot19 on reddit is back with another collection of his Halo Worlds photos. Check out the first collection here if you missed it.
by Tim



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