Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer Gameplay

Nearly 10 minutes of Team Slayer gameplay on Zenith!
by Noles


Halo 5: Guardians Beta Trailer Analysis – Arena multiplayer and ‘spartan abilities’

See all the E3 videos here. Apparently 343 Industries will keep with their need to contextualise the multiplayer. The match takes place on what looks like a space station or an upgraded section of the Infinity. It begins with ...
by Scott Devon

MasterPro 50

SaLaYa & Piano Frenzy Dualtage

If the name Salaya rings a bell, you may remember him from some of those awesome Halo Reach parkour montages. Well he is back with Piano Frenzy in this impressive Halo 4 dualtage. Enjoy the show!
by Tim



Famous Halo Highlights #10

Check out this upbeat Reach/Halo 4 matchmaking montage by iFamousFilms. He has some great combinations of multi-kills and assassinations, making me wish I could string together overkills this easily. I highly recomend checking ...
by Tim


Sleek Ninja Assasinations

Watch as Unfriender gets some rather cheeky ninja kills in this laid back montage. This is what I like to see in a montage, easy going music without overediting the gameplay.
by Tim



Champions Bundle Launch Trailer

The Halo 4 Champions Bundle is coming Tuesday! That’s tomorrow! This bundle is packed with tons of brand new content like armor and weapon skins, new armors, and two maps, including the return of The Pit, remade for Halo ...
by Tim



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