Halo Bulletin 2.12.14 (Happy V-Day)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here. Valentine’s Day is this Friday, so I’m starting this Bulletin with a friendly reminder to all who are reading and may have entirely forgotten about the holiday (as I know from personal expe...
by Tim


Halo Bulletin 2.5.14 (Quick Draw)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here Speaking of football, we hope that you got a chance to partake in some Halo 4 Spartan Bowl over the weekend. We all know how the big game ended (woo-hoo!) but we thought you’d enjoy hearing ab...
by Tim

By: Receptor 17

Halo Bulletin 1.29.14 (SWAT CTF)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here. As the first month of 2014 comes to a close, it seems like an appropriate time to check in on the status of New Year’s resolutions across the team. bs angel has boldly promised to wear a cat ...
by Tim



Halo Bulletin 1.22.14 (Spartan Bowl)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here Matchmaking Playlist Update Just this Monday, Team DLC became our featured Matchmaking playlist, and new game types were added to Action Sack and Team Doubles. For all the juicy info about what...
by Tim


Halo Bulletin 1.15.14 (Paint Ball)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here Playing Halo can take many shapes and forms. Often times this is dependent on factors such as which game types or playlists you are playing, and in many cases also dependent on who you are playi...
by Tim


Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 11.21.34 AM

Matchmaking Playlist Calendar

In the latest Halo Bulletin, 343i revealed the new matchmaking playlist calendar for Halo 4. Lots of new stuff is incoming so be sure tocheck out all of the details below. From the Bulletin As first revealed on Monday’s live ...
by Tim


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