Red vs Blue Animator, Monty Oum, Passes Away due to an Alergic Reaction

This unfortunate news has been out for a while, but for those who did not know, Monty Oum has passed away at the young age of 33. His death was caused by a violent allergic reaction during a minor medical procedure. Monty Ou...
by Shane


Halo Bulletin 7.16.14

Written by Bravo. Over the past two months, we’ve begun to share our plans for the current year and beyond. We started to announce new characters, vehicles, and re-mastered maps. In the near future, we’ll have more to share...
by Joe

Cover #11

Halo: Escalation #11 Announced

The eleventh monthly instalment of Dark Horse’s Halo: Escalation has been revealed. This issue is set to release on October 22nd with 32 pages and at the price of $3.99. The blurb reads as follows: “Exposure” part 1...
by Scott Devon



Red vs. Blue Now Avaliable on Netflix

Rooster Teeth’s popular Machinima Red vs. Blue is now available through Netflix. The first five seasons can be found here. Viewers are reporting availability in the US, Canada and the UK, however if any countries are exc...
by Scott Devon


Halo at RTX Detailed (update)

                  Update: Iron Games RTX Finals have been live on Twitch!   Update: 343 Industries’ Community Manager Bravo has since gone against the official RTX webs...
by Scott Devon


Cover 7

Halo: Escalation #7 released

The seventh issue of Darkhorse’s Halo: Escalation comics releases today. The description reads as follows: “The Fall of New Phoenix”—eight months ago, an attack on Earth left seven million dead, including the family...
by Scott Devon



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