Bungie/343 Environmental Artist Leaves Halo 5: Guardians Prematurely

Vic DeLeon, a 343 Industries staff member has left the team mid way through production of Halo 5: Guardians. It is not often that developers leave mid production. This event is similar to when 343 Industries’ first creati...
by Shane

Lorna Bucket

Actress Christina Chong is Female Lead in Halo: Nightfall

It has emerged that Actress Christina Chong will play the female lead in Halo: Nightfall. Chong will portray a new character named ‘Macer’, alongside the mysterious Agent Locke, who is reportedly played by Mike Colter. ...
by Scott Devon

HaloNightfall Filming

Halo: Nightfall Interview with 343 Industries’ Kiki WolfKill

Iceland based news site has provided insight into the filming of Halo: Nightfall within the country. In an interview with Halo’s Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill, she first addressed the decision to film part of the se...
by Scott Devon


master chief motorcycle helmet

Official Master Chief motorcycle helmet available in 2015

So you say “When I pick up my copy of Halo 5: Guardians I want to do it in STYLE!” Well here’s your chance. While currently only in the prototype phase, NECA (National Entertainment Collectible Association) is partnered w...
by Joe

Halo Nightfall

New Behind The Scenes Images from Halo : Nightfall

Reddit user ‘FerSUREx’ has posted a new collection of behind the scenes images from the second digital feature currently in development, involving Alien director Ridley Scott. They depict what appears to be some ki...
by Scott Devon



Second Halo Feature Being Filmed – Details and Video

It’s been confirmed today that a second Halo feature began filming earlier this week (Update: Now known to be Halo: Nightfall) As referenced last month on Xbox Wire, this project is independent of the one announced at E3 ...
by Scott Devon



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