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New Sprinter Promethean?

Roy made this interesting video which shows a very peculiar Promethean Knight. It sprints around in an odd way which makes me wonder why it is different. What do you guys think? Discuss it in the forums
by Tim


Majestic Map Pack Trailer Soon

As reddit user DirtyMinded15 pointed out, the Majestic Map pack will be released two weeks from this Tuesday (Feb 26th). If you remember, the trailer for the Crimson Map pack was released two weeks before its launch. If histo...
by Tim

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Mysterious Waypoint Tweet

Hey guys, Waypoint tweeted this earlier today. The link sends you to a short clip of a spartan perched high up on the map Haven. MoreConsole posted this video with the clip shown towards the end. Does anyone know the symbolism ...
by Tim


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Vortex Map Spotted

After seeing this screenshot from a few days ago I couldn’t help but notice a couple clips of it in the latest Multiplayer ViDoc. Check out the full Multiplayer Vidoc here Gallery I took some screenshots of the clips that...
by Tim

Halo 4 Fuel Rod

Leaked Fuel Rod Cannon and Promethean Sniper Name?

Thanks to user Xepler who took this image of the supposed Halo 4 Fuel Rod Cannon. He has an early build of the game, which this was taken from. At this point it looks very similar to Reach’s. There are some minor modific...
by Tim


Screen Shot 2012-08-15 at 11.23.45 PM

Promethean Wolf?

Thanks to Waypoint User Noble Squash for pointing this out. If you look at the 2:15 mark in the recent behind the scenes video, towards the bottom left you will see an unidentified creature. This creature looks very similar to ...
by Tim



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