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Screenshot Contest Tiebreaker

Hey guys I need your help to break a tie from the previous screenshot contest. Both WildNative1456 and Archangel are tied at 40 votes a piece. Vote Below: Archangel WildNative1456
by Tim

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Screenshot Contest Voting #4

Congratulations to last contest’s winner, Gentle Colts, for edging out KhaosRaptor by 1 vote. If you have a good screenshot send it to my email at Vote Below:
by Tim

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Screenshot Contest Voting #3

Congrats to KhaosRaptor for winning the previous screenshot contest. He will get his choice of an infinity dashboard theme or Master Chief avatar armor. We didn’t have as many submissions this week; so if you think you ca...
by Tim


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Screenshot Contest Voting #2

Congratulations to WHR x DarkElite for winning last week’s contest after another close tiebreaker vote. As a prize, he will get his choice of either the Halo 4 Xbox theme, of Master Chief avatar armor. I didn’t get...
by Tim



Weekly Screenshot Contest!

Got an awesome screenshot? Once Halo 4 launches I will be accepting submissions for sweet screenshots. Each week I will make a post with the best five screenshots submitted to me for that week. After that, I will let you guys v...
by Tim


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