July 7, 2012

First Look: Halo 4 Forge


Great video that shows off the new Forge system and some new maps; keep in mind this is a demo, and not final.


  • $1,000,000 budget: Halo 4’s Forge features a much larger budget.
  • 3 Forge Environments: Halo 4 will ship with 3 unique Forge environments.
  • Object Highlighting – Now objects will be highlighted while hovering over them, which is an attempt to address the issue of not knowing which piece you are grabbing.
  • Piece-locking: Forgers now have the option to lock pieces in place, preventing them from being moved or deleted until unlocked.
  • “Duplicate Object” feature: Forgers can now duplicate pieces without scrolling through the object menus to spawn the same object.
  • Object-magnetism: Forgers now have the option to turn on Object magnetism, which gives Forge pieces magnetic properties in order to allow Forgers to “snap” pieces to each other with more ease and precision.
  • Dynamic Lighting: Objects are more responsive to the dynamic lighting of the base map, while also having the pieces themselves cast shadows.
  • Player Trait Zones: Forgers can now place up to four “Player Trait Zones”, which allow Forgers to essentially create a new setting set that will affect players within the zones. This feature has infinite possibilities, including the ability to create a low-gravity zone or an invincibility zone.
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  • Like a boss

    F$&@$)(? ing awesome!!!


    I am very excited!!!

  • ForrestGump998


  • Isaac


  • Mike

    Object magnetism… it’s about damn time.

    • mighty mouse

      works miracles, i finished a pretty huge map in less than an hour

      • RP Rarity

        If what you say is true, and you have a cracked version of the game, than do explain to me this,
        Binary Rifle:

    • rawrguy123456

      true that

  • moobs


  • Jimmybidz

    Atleast we know the kill balls are back

  • KevinWall

    alot of features that i’ve wanted in forge ever since halo 3

  • 343iTom

    Very Awesome, but can I just ask, you know all the islands in the background, can we go to any of them? I saw a game of Horse they were playing on forge in another video, and they were out at sea and quite far away from this initial island, so do you guys think we’ll be able to go there? If we can that will be awesome! I doubt it but still… I can dream :’)

  • adam

    yes! when you walk with invisibility your not faded like in halo reach

    • say my name

      no it does actually fade. sorry to give you the bad news!!!

  • spencer hodges

    just, awsome, pure beauty. in a game

  • Sam

    I want an ice forge map >:O

    • Kael

      They mentioned having three environments, so maybe they will do the lush green (in the video) a desert and a snow map? One can hope, anyway.

    • mighty mouse

      there is one

    • pie man

      same here

  • spencer

    Wow. I loved the Halo: Reach Forge and thought that it was advanced but this just blows this out of the water!!! I CANT WAIT!!!

    • mighty mouse

      you have no idea

  • trevor

    it would be cool if you could make an under water base without water inside the base. like if you can delete the water from inside the base or remove it.

    • mighty mouse

      sadly, no, not in this one.

  • William S.

    awesome i can’t wait till the other features…

  • Jimmybidz

    this is the video of the horse gameplay btw

  • xXJMVXx

    It would be amazing if they added submarines or some type of vehicle to travel on water.

  • kn3vil

    It seemed to be (based on an MLG interview) that there would not be fall damage, but now we see that there will be after all!

  • zach

    anyone know if theater is coming back

    • Kael

      Most likely, it was a pretty popular feature in halo 3 and only got better in reach, they also had it in ODST.

    • mighty mouse

      yup, havent been able to upload yet as i dont really wanna risk getting banned from online, but there is a theater feature, and it’s awesome. it also has a lot of updates, and to be honest, im surprised there is NOTHING online about it yet, although i can understand why this forge overshadows it.

      time to start campaign, maybe that will explain the mech i saw online, did not see it in forge, which might be for the better when it comes to matchmaking.

      • Luke Anderson

        Can i just ask, how the sweet mother do you have a copy of the game already? Its a genuine question, only cause your not the first person on here that has been talking about playing their copy? Where did you get it from??

        • Excaliburst

          Don’t read into it. Mighty Mouse is a moron, he obviously doesn’t own any type of copy of the game. He’s pretending to do so to seem like a big shot and draw attention to himself. “time to start campaign, maybe that will explain the mech i saw online,
          did not see it in forge, which might be for the better when it comes to
          Wouldn’t he have already started the campaign if he supposedly already owns some sort of copy of it? What’s he been doing, forging and staring at the title screen this whole time?

  • Joey Schneier

    they need to add it to wear u can build around the spire type thing

  • ebug5000

    will there be mamoths?

    • thekillerbeescaptain

      you sound like a compliet retard right now its an elephant not a mamoth and ya they will

      • RP Rarity

        Might I ask you how you know that? First of all, he meant Mammoth. Mammoth is a heavily armored LARGE vehicle, and secondly, please, if you are going to insult someone about them “sounding like a compliet retard”… At least spell complete correctly.

        • Luke Anderson

          you sir just destroyed that kid

    • mighty mouse

      i lol’d

  • matthew

    i want to see all the vehicles

  • matthew

    at least we know roller coasters will be back hopefully

  • SilentK

    BR looks OP

    • zach

      the BR actually has the slowest kill time of all the mid range weapons

  • the meta

    lol they copied more damage of raze because you glow red and other stuff

  • Nick

    So it says three forge enviroments I hope we still get to forge on the disks multiplayer maps

    • mighty mouse

      dude, of course, a forge environment is just a map dedicated to forge, like sandbox or forge world, the other maps can still be forged on and can basically be turned into forge environments anyways, not entirely, but enough for some pretty badass customization.

  • Brandon

    make it were you can spawn covenant

    • spartan-089

      enemies, friendlies, and civies!

  • daman

    i want the ability to build THROUGH rocks and cliffs and things that are already part of the map please 343 PLEASE

  • jessewilliams

    forge looks cooler now. go 343

  • MrCody12349

    I want them to actually create an option so you can remove the yellow and green light on blocks 😛 it will definatlly get annoying

  • Dev

    It seems like Halo Reach was rushed, and this was time well spent

  • louis

    will there be pelicans in forge because me and my mates really want them in because it will make it more fun and machinimas will be alot more easy when the characters move by air

    • mighty mouse

      No, there are no Pelicans, at least not in my copy of the game, but the vehicles in it are BEAST! You will NOT be disappointed!

      • RP Rarity

        Oh please… No Pelicans in YOUR build? Well then it is pretty far behind :)

  • hayden

    The only thing that got me mad was that they had that stupid “out of the battlefield” thing up on that cliff. That to me is just totally dumb because that would be a great sniping spot and there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be able to be up there.

    • hayden

      i should also point out that it didn’t say return to the battlefield in the area above that cliff

  • Ben

    such beauty in one game its amazing if i could i would be a sparten

  • Ben

    love the gun sounds :)

    • mighty mouse

      shotgun is greattt and sounds the best in my opinion, check it out online.

  • Wyatt Slaugh

    yay forge is now idiot freindly!!!

  • BlueTPheonixTTT

    i agree with brandon… AI’s all the way…
    i dont know bout cross the sky

  • mighty mouse

    FYI people, there’s no undo feature still, it would have come in REALLY REALLY handy. either way, I am loving halo 4 so far, got my copy already and it is brilliant!!

    • f1r3p47h

      how it hasnt cum out yet i mean look at this pic it says november 6th well u cant see it but still how

    • F1r3p47h

      ell me how the F#&* do u hav halo 4 its not NOV 6

  • ninja

    i want a forge map in a jungle

  • Daniel Cook

    Is someone playing pottermore in the background because the wind blowing and the creaking of the door sounds just like it. lol


    its about time u can dupe!

  • Luke Anderson

    How have some people got a copy of the game? (Im a slow person, it may be really obvious to you guys)



  • jw

    can you tell me if you can put weapons in halo 4 forge plz cas i did not see that in the selection i do not know TELL ME

  • matster

    i would love it if we could add and drive elephant`s in this game it would be so kool

    • power gamer

      it would be mammoths though

  • Omni

    Hopefully some objects interact with the world. I’d love to create a moving base!

  • CrimsonVolver

    I am really glad to see that there will be these (and other?) upgrades to the forge. I hope that in addition to the item lock and magnetism functions there can also be a way to lock two or more pieces together, allowing forgers to move or adjust a complex combination of objects together. Looking great. Can’t wait to play!

  • ryan powers17

    pause at 2:20 top left some kinda bunker so yea really cool

  • FTG Assasins

    How about a compleatly flat forge map??

  • pie man

    most of the items shown look the same as in halo reach just alot COOLER

    • Michael Mccord

      ya!!! XD

  • Max117

    Same items than Reach but really better !

  • tytythewolf

    I hope you can set objects as player trait zones, I want to make a mantis only able to do melee damage for custom games, you all contemplate how awesome that could turn out given the right circumstances.

  • F1r3p47h

    lol when i get halo 4 im locking my self in my room shutting the blinds and pay it in the dark 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 hours

  • Max Kobrak

    so glad they listened to the players, magnetic locks are going to make a 4hr forge into a 30min forge. (mostly because you dont waste all that time lining crap up)

  • Gale Shouse Spratt


  • Gale Shouse Spratt


  • Rodney Rhoades

    I know theres a way to make an object not start at the beginning and spawn later, but how bout the oppisite, can an object disappear after a certain time limit?? (on forge)

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