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August 12, 2014

[Update] Sanctuary officially confirmed for Halo 2: Anniversary



Update: As expected, Sanctuary is the forth Halo 2: Anniversary map to be officially announced. Like all fully re-imagined maps, it includes an interactive elements, in this case waterfalls that block sightliness into and out of bases.

It’s also noteworthy that all weapons on the ground will have a small waypoint, and it seems these will not be visible from across the map unlike  Halo 4’s ordnance system.

Find Sanctuary gameplay from Gamescom in the dedicated video section.


For a complete summary of all today’s Halo news, check the Gamescom wrap-up.



SanctuaryESL, the organisation running the Halo 2: Anniversary tournament throughout Gamescom this week, has seemingly leaked one of the fully re-imagined Halo 2 maps yet to be announced for the Master Chief Collection, Sanctuary.

On their website, they list it as playable within the tournament, in th
e spot reserved for a map 343 Industries were to announce themselves in their upcoming panel. Even so, the developer will likely still show off some gameplay.Listing

From 343 Industries’ latest Halo bulletin:

To qualify for the finals, swing by the ESL Arena in Hall 9, where ESL will have a dedicated area for Halo: The Master Chief Collection competition. On these stations, we’ll be featuring “winner stays” 4v4 gameplay, so grab three teammates (or form a team on the spot) and come compete on Ascension and one other unannounced map.

Therefore it seems Sanctuary will be joining Ascension as the two maps used for this tournament. Though Zanzibar and Coagulation will not be playable at Gamescom, both are slated for the full reimagining.

With Sanctuary being unveiled this week, it leaves just two out of six classic maps yet to be announced for the full anniversary treatment. Another fan favourite, Lockout, was teased by Frank O’Conner around E3, along with the now confirmed Ascension and Zanzibar…


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  • Jonathon West

    One of my favourite halo maps ever for sure. Turf would be a great one too.

    • Matt

      I agree turf is such a great map! I had so many fun custom games on that map, I wish that was remade, but I doubt they will. =/ Since lockout is without a doubt the 5th one, I think the last one might be headlong if it’s a large map, or midship if it’s another small one. I hope it’s not ivory tower, but that is a good map as well.

      • Max117

        I’d like it if wasn’t an already made remake from the HCEA map pack…

    • joevsyou

      i hope that one too!

  • Matt

    Hey Scott, is that a overview of the remastered map or the original? I don’t remember the tree or use of grass vs dirt to differentiate between sides. It looks like the remastered.

  • Max117

    Ok so probably: zanzibar, ascension, sanctuary, coagulation, lockout ans midship! Great!

    • Scott

      This is my bet. Lockout was popular, and already alluded to along with two other maps that have since been confirmed, and I’m sure O’Connor picks his words very carefully on NeoGAF, he wouldn’t have said without reason.

      And Midship, very popular, especially with the pros, like those recently hired by 343….also they coincidently showed it’s original concept art at that RTX panel.

      They’ve said these are six of the most popular H2 maps, and I think they are.

      • Max117

        I just wished there was 3 medium-sized maps, instead of 4 and only two vehicles maps. Anyway, everything is awesome with 343ind since the last weeks!!

    • Matt

      Well since the remake of midship is in halo 5, it looks like midship is no longer a possibility. Hmm, I guess we will have to wait and see!

      • Max117

        Can’t wait! The maps are beautiful!

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