June 6, 2012

5 Slayer Multiplayer Videos

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Thanks to Reddit user Cyren for pointing out that IGN posted five new Halo 4 Slayer videos. They are not direct screen caps of gameplay, but the the hand held camera is much better quality than the previous leaks. They are 1-minute snippets, but are still fun to watch.

Part 1/5

Part 2/5

Part 3/5

Part 4/5

Part 5/5

  • john117spartan UNSC

    ther’re all the same:(

    • Tim


    • Fun Guy

      They are all the same match played by the same noob, alright lets face it, this guy wasn’t the best…

  • James

    To bad the POV is from a noob -_-

  • Shipmaster

    Holy shit!!! On the 5th video at 1:13 the blue team’s point bar goes up by 20 points because the guy got an assassination. That means an assassination is equivalent to 2 kills!!! (1 kill = 10 points)

  • Shipmaster

    Also at 0:06 on the 5th video the guy stays scoped in even though he is getting shot at.

  • Jason

    so glad the multiplayer looks much more balanced compared to reach

  • Squatchmen

    I love how the three middle videos is a complete no0b with the storm rifle, other than that, I think the DMR is pretty sweet from the clip.

  • Brandon


    A few thoughts;

    *In case everyone hasn’t realized, lmfao Halo is trying to act like COD
    -custom weapon skins?
    -spartan “ops”
    -weapon “perks” lulz

    That being said it looks like competitive players can once again wipe the floor w/ shit kids. All hail the fall of Reach.

    you can see that armor lock is gone, as well as the camo and jetpack loadouts.
    Once again we can actually jump (thank God) and now we don’t have to worry about bloom or jetpackers ruining map builds

    343 I was doubtful, but you have restored my faith.

    • Isaac

      I know a lot ofGames that have loadouts weapon skins and perks so why compare to COD just sayin and spartan ops doesnt relate at all with COD

      • Bobby

        Tribes: ascend has custom loadouts and it’s balanced and competitive

    • Korick

      Loadouts just give players the ability to pick and choose how they play. Halo is Moving forward, notcopying COD. Loadots are just a thng for shooters, like in actual military units you can choose what gear to take with you.

    • tyler

      not necessarily first i agree with your last paragraph but not the first 2/3rd halo is not trying to be like cod (hate it) spartan ops is nothing like special ops just cuz the name is similar doesn’t mean the mode is. custom weapons skins is a nice add on not a rip-off of cod weapon skins. and where did you ever see anykind of perk system, and finally the to the loadouts they are nothing like cod loadouts halo is still preventing people from running around with power weapons unlike cod where everyone has a f****** nade launcher right off the bat. that is my analysis of the similarities of cod and halo they are nothing alike and if you wanna make a game like cod thats just sad

  • ben

    whoa at 1:19 in 3rd video he shot his teammate with a rocket and he didnt die? i hope this means there is no friendly fire online

    • Jose

      I am guessing that is just for the demo. I really doubt they are going to take friendly fire off.

    • Rome

      when he hit his team mate with the rocket his shields went down maybe thats the consequence

  • Manny

    OmG you can call in the weapon you want!!!?

  • Noel

    Tim here is the full video

  • SlayeRLZ

    I just think that IGN should have better players ahahah

  • spencer hodges

    wow im suprised cause that was the hazop helmet being used by that guy and honestly i take back what i said about it, it looks pretty good, but the guy is not that good, so yea

  • Raxs

    Wow πŸ˜€

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