June 21, 2012

Assist System Revamped

Halo 4 Distraction

A little while back we heard about how Halo 4 was going to change the way assists would be awarded to players. OXM spoke with Kevin Franklin (lead 343 MP designer) at E3 about the new assist system.

The new system builds on the BattleField 3 assist approach where players are not only given an assist for injuring an enemy, but also for shooting near them; known as a “suppression assist”.


Here’s what Kevin Franklin said:


“If you’re running and an enemy starts shooting at you, but gets killed by a teammate because he was distracted by you, you’re rewarded for distracting the enemy.

This came straight from players in our feedback sessions who felt they should have been rewarded for that. There are all sorts of assists. For instance, the King assist in Regicide is the first ever assist in a free-for-all game, so even though you’re all playing against each other, we’ll still give you an assist for helping kill the score-leader, even if you kill the other player a few seconds later.

All of these things wrap up into our assist spree so you can get a Wingman spree. We found lots of ways to reward players for doing things other than kills. We’re really stoked to show off our objective games because that’ll come through even more.”


Hopefully they will give assist points based on how much damage the player did to they enemy. If the player did 90% of the damage, but their teammate gets the kill, they should be awarded more points than if they only shot the enemy once.

It is good to see 343 putting more emphasis on player’s contributions that might normally be overlooked.

Check out the full article here


  • Blu

    I agree that we should get more points for the damage we do that way its fair if a teammate gets your kill you still got enough points that it is almost equal had you got the kill
    my kills are always stolen since i just play for fun and sometimes competitive which makes others just go after the person im shooting

  • Noel Brijesh Guru

    haha, we get points for being the BAIT and a CHICKEN and also for PANIC sprays… Love it!

    • Blu

      great way of putting it =)
      Halo Smiley faces
      Spartan- =)
      Elite- =::

      • Haraldo Carpinetti

        AHAHAH Elite smiley…

  • Noel Brijesh Guru

    Tim the only one thing that lacks in this amazing website is —–> Forum!

    • Blu

      I agree i really want to start a forum on info from the books so people can know a little more about the forerunners and events after halo 3 and hints to things in halo 4

      • Noel Brijesh Guru

        exactly my point…discussing the back story and trying to interpret the secrets will make these casual visits into something more mainstream! Need something until November!

        • Noel Brijesh Guru

          Maybe in the meanwhile we should use Halo4nation Fb page as the forum…what do you guys think?

          • Blu

            i can see that working for now

          • spencerhodges

            yea same here

          • Noel Brijesh Guru

            ok i have started a post in the h4nation page…lets start the discussion over there!

      • Haraldo Carpinetti

        Most my friends doesn’t have a clue about The Didact and call me a nerd for knowing it ahah Books and comix ftw!

        • Blu

          I need to read Primordium and i cant wait for Halo: the Thursday War
          i think thats the title for glasslands sequel

          • spencerhodges

            that would be good to start a halo book forum cause i do not understand a word your saying, lol

    • halo4nation

      Haha yea Noel, I plan to do one in the future. In the meanwhile have you tried the Waypoint forums?

      • Noel Brijesh Guru

        Waypoint has become nothing but B******hing Ground (sorry for the lang) Tim. I want something peaceful and casual; were the discussion would be gentle and smart….rather than….”WHY CHANGE HALO TO COD” crap

        No offense to any Waypoint users…i am just fed up that’s all!

  • Random commentor

    I’m actually game for this idea. Honestly, I was irritated with the Assist reward concept in Reach. I felt like I was being rewarded for having a kill stolen, or just not being a very good shot. The way this sounds though, feels a heck of a lot more like rewarding teamwork. Hooray for improvements!

  • mistahARK

    If the player did 90% of the damage, but their teammate gets the kill, they should be awarded more points than if they only shot the enemy once.
    I’ve been hoping Halo would implement this for years now!

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