May 25, 2012

Battle Rifle Arctic Skin

Halo 4 Battle Rifle Skin

First released image of a new skin for the Battle Riffle and I must say they did a great job. Apparently this is the weapon skin that customers who preorder Halo 4 at EB games will receive. The Arctic skin really does look awesome, cannot wait for more skins to be released. Although it is odd for them to make a typo spelling Arctic in the upper left.


    Ahhhhhh that’s so cool! I can’t wait for E3! Only 11 days!!

  • Squatchmen

    Hey Tim, do you get paid to write these articles? just wondering.The skin looks pretty cool

    • Tim

      If there are a lot visitors to the site I receive ad revenue, but sometimes its not all that much. Also I agree, I am really excited for the weapon skins.

  • Truth

    Do you also get the the arctic skin with a Gamestop pre-order?

    • Tim

      I believe it is only the EB Games preorders in Canada

  • Snakemansam

    Looks a bit cod-like…

    • RAGE


  • Stu

    Wierd that you made a typo with Rifle….

  • Mike

    do you think a lot will be up on ebay after halo 4 comes out?

  • Archangel


  • Raxs

    Wow 😀

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