April 16, 2012

Competitive Multiplayer Interview

Halo 4 DMR Screenshot

GameInformer just released a new Interview discussing changes to multiplayer and how armor abilities will be implemented.

Check out the interview here

“This week at is devoted to the changing face of Halo 4’s multiplayer and we are starting things out by talking about the competitive side of things. You might have heard that 343 Industries is interested in making some changes to the classic Halo formula. We sat down with lead multiplayer designer Brad Welch to talk about the new emphasis on story, customizable loadouts, and the new and updated modes for Halo 4. Watch the video below to learn more about what your competitive multiplayer experience will look like in Halo 4 and stay tuned to the site throughout the week to learn about the new co-op experience called Spartan Ops.”

-Game Informer

  • Raxs

    Can’t Wait for spartan ops 😀

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