December 5, 2012

Fastest Way to Rank Up

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NakedEli takes us through the fastest way to earn Halo 4 xp through Infinity.

Fastest Way to Rank Up

Max Rank SR-130: Unlocks Emblem


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  • Matthew Roatch

    Danm i thought the ranking up would be for offline!

  • WTF

    I met Naked Eli on halo, hes a dick

    • me

      I could honestly see him being one but how is he?

    • Raxs

      How come? Is he really a “D*ck” or did he just beat you really badly?

  • tyler

    well im kinda peeved i played this game all day when it came out and i didn’t get squat

  • Gamr4Lyfe


  • SilentK

    I’v been doing that method since launch with 180+ double xp games, now I’m going to be rank 130 today!

  • Max117

    I’m already doing this method…

  • DrMcDucky

    This method works great, but I prefer doing it the hard way through normal matchmaking, it makes the rank ups seem more significant

About the Author

Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I love Halo. Enjoy.

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