July 17, 2012

Full Spartan Ops Gameplay

Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 4.43.16 PM

Thanks to Cyren on Reddit for posting this awesome full length Spartan Ops gameplay. Its not a direct screen capture, but its the highest quality version of Spartan Ops gameplay we have seen so far.

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  • Squatchmen

    I didn’t even start the video yet, but I’m just thinking – what is that Promethean alien to the right of the spartan?

    • spencer hodges

      yeah, BUT the first guy he was spectating was good wit da plasma sword, and plz dont correct me in saying thats its energy sword, plasma is a type of energy XD

      • Whoisthisguy

        Ohh so why dont we just call it a lightning sword or wave sword or Electric sword or heat sword after all its all a type of energy…..Why dont you just call it for what it is an energy sword you fucken twat.

        • spencer hodges

          OK, first of all who are you to call me a fucken twat first of all its spelled fucking dumbass and, last time i checked we all have rights to call something what we want, so leave me alone and shut the fuck up and think about how maybe you call somethings the wrong thing, so what place are you to judge? fucking retard.

          • TripleXXX

            Chill out man. You don’t have to type a paragraph to prove your point. He just corrected your statement…

          • spencer hodges

            ok i understand, but he didnt have to start calling me names

          • Ivan

            dude you’re so lame, aren’t you like a 11 years old? halo is M+17. plus you shouldn’t be cussing like that when you’re in like the 5th grade

          • spencer hodges

            im in 6th and the only reason why im 11 is cause im born in 2000, and i wouldnt be cursing if he didnt come out and decide to call me names

          • Ivan

            okay but you still have to wait 6 years till you can play halo

          • spencer hodges

            XD i know i know but hey, my older bros play m games so why not me? but my dad already pre ordered anyways. but yeah thanks for understanding. (il try putting it at a point without cursing next time)

          • Sam

            Harden the FAUKE up.

          • spencer hodges

            K… i already did though… in my paragraph

  • Like a boss

    That’s a new alien I saw! Promethean new alien! Looks like those flood things!

    • halo4nation

      I believe those are the promethean crawlers

  • Sam

    I still wish they could include a Firefight mode in these maps.

  • mr dmr

    noob as fuck

  • Sylvester Swag-Monsta Okwampa

    Ewww Wtf did did they do to the pelican

  • Don’tWorryAboutMyName

    Wow, and people wonder why this game is rated M. We have 6 year old kids through middle school playing it, then end up regurgitating profanity like a sailor while the parents are infuriated with their kids picking up on curse words. PARENTS need to stop buying games like this for CHILDREN. This thread is prove of that. (@spencerhodges:disqus ) Not to point anyone out.

    • disappointed

      exactly my point, I’m 10th grade now, started playing halos in 8th, only when my parents decided I was mature enough to have a profanity filter and to not let games affect the other parts of my life
      meeting a 10 year old or younger on game chat is depressing, and It makes me wonder if they’re parents care at all about a messed up life
      just because you’re brother(s) play doesn’t make it ok, and when I was in 6th grade even though all my friends played I couldn’t and while I hated it then it makes sense now, and I will do it with mine if I have kids

  • jessewilliams

    i thank they did ok i guss nobody is perfect

  • austin

    @spencerhodges:disqus wats ur gamertag bro

  • Michael Mardis

    Didn’t they say not to to take any photographic, or cartographic images? Or did I just make that up in my head, I honestly don’t know… By the way does this look like Mass Effect 3 multiplayer to anyone else?

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