May 27, 2012

Halo 4 Leaked Beta Gameplay

Halo 4 Beta Leak

I  apologize for the low quality of this video (and music), but it was the only version I could find.

The player is using the Battle Rifle and you can see the jetpack icon at some points in the video. Some key things to note are the instant respawns (for slayer), assassinations, and they are playing on the map Warhouse.

Also the player picks up an unknown weapon at 2:55, possibly the Railgun? At 8:28 it looks like the player uses the new ability, Forerunner Vision.

After comparing this gameplay to the already released videos of Halo 4, it looks to be the real thing.

Also am sure they filmed this with a potato seeing as they are playing in a barn.

  • TheBestKilleR (From Se7enSins)

    Footage analysis :

    @ 2:05 when he gets the triple and dies , First person spectating!?

    @ 3:05 Railgun in action, works like Gauss canon from warthog

    @ 4:48 Magnum in action

    @ 6:50 Rocket launcher picked up, nice smoke effect after shooting the rocket(s).

    @ 7:00 Ordnance weapon drop selection screen.

    @ 8:25 Forerunner vision

    @ 9:05 Assassination

    @ 9:30 dafuq is that shield.

    • TheBestKilleR (From Se7enSins)

      @4:25 Shield recharge. (similar to halo 3)

      @4:39 Fall damage?!

      • Truth

        I was really hoping fall damage wasn’t gonna be back : / Maybe he got shot as he fell down?

        • Mack

          Yeah, that’s what I thought happened… because he was being attacked sometime after taking the fall as he was going up the stairs. Maybe that guy shot him as he hit the ground.

          • Truth

            Yeah I just realized that is what happened because when he receives damage there is a red arrow pointing behind him on the HUD.

  • Tomi

    It was pretty cool…… At first it seemed a little wierd,and who could of got his hands on the beta…….if its real 343i are really pissed for seeing this on the web

  • Truth

    It’s unfortunate the video was recorded with a potato, but I still really enjoyed it!

    • Tomi

      I dont get it…… Why would 343i give this dude a copy of the beta

      • Brian

        Implying they gave him a copy of the beta.

        He could have stole it or got the footage off someone who works at 343. No where in the video does it show him playing the beta.

      • ilija96

        you do know that 343 has a private beta right? maybe they filmed it there

  • ShotyMcFat

    It looks like Killcams are in. so let the RAGE begin

    • Truth

      Why are kill cams that bad?

  • Snakemansam

    Looks pretty smooth and was good to see the br in action a bit more. Still not feeling the instant spawn. Good video either way

  • Thomas

    9:14 is that a fucking killcam!?!?!!?

    • The Arbiter

      No, that’s expectator mode

    • Raxs

      Calm Down :L Why does it even matter?

  • Axel

    uhh…what is that at 4:18?…it looks like he walks into a drop shield or something?

    • storm

      it was probably one of the new things for the loadouts called hardlight shield that the watchers use

      • spencerhodges

        lol no offense storm but i think u ment knights the watchers can only catch grenades from what i know, im jus correcting though, i might be wrong myself

        • Raxs

          Yeah, The watchers provide the shield to the knights.

  • Squatchmen

    Haha, what a crappy TV. That said, looks legit

  • Truth

    BTW I just realized that at 4:39 there is no fall damage. When he takes the damage you can clearly see the red arrow pointing behind him. So yes he was shot and didn’t take fall damage.

    • Raxs

      No, There is fall damage.

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  • Raxs

    These is no Beta :L

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