June 9, 2012

Halo 4 MLG Multiplayer Gameplays [YouTube]

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Hey some viewers said they were not able to see the MLG videos from Friday, so here they are uploaded to YouTube.

Halo 4 Infinity Slayer Multiplayer Gameplay

Halo 4 War Games Multiplayer on Haven

Halo 4 First Look Developer Commentary

Halo 4 Infinity Slayer Multiplayer Gameplay

Halo 4 War Games Gameplay on Adrift

Halo 4 War Games Haven Gameplay


  • Isaac

    Halo 4 has some things pulled out of halo reach but it looks like such a different gameplay

  • Brandon

    looks fantastic! No bloom, no jet-pack?!

    Lol the battle rifle is back; I welcome the skill gap again.
    It’s about time

  • john117spartan UNSC

    things i love:
    -rocket pistol
    -holo’ on carbine
    -rag doll
    ALL HALO 4!!!!!!!!!

  • Squatchmen

    Wow, awesome vids, I also can’t believe my favorite weapon, the Needler got a promotion – a power weapon now

    Also still love the Carbine with the holo

    • Tim is awesome

      Needler was always a power weapon! It is so awesome!
      -Its homing.
      -It’s rapid fire.
      -It’s explosive, if enough needles stick onto the enemy the needles explode.
      -It has a fast reload that makes a cool sound.
      -It has an awesome mele in Halo 1, when you mele with the needler in Halo 1, you swing the needles from the back of the gun right into the opponants face!

  • Atlas

    Promethean vision needs to be nerfed intensely…

  • Tim is awesome

    Is there any longbow gameplay?

    • Tim

      No, for some reason 343i kept the gameplays limited to Adrift and Haven

  • Fun Guy

    Something I noticed was that when grenades are near there is a type of sign near the center of the screen does this mean that you can detect when grenades are thrown?

    • George

      Yep, though I don’t see the point they blow up pretty fast.

  • Isaac

    I dont understand how the ordance drops go through ceilings and walls and floors

    • christian

      the whole online multiplayer is based around a holographic training room on the ship heading for requiem, its all a hologram, the drops can go through the ceilings

  • Total

    Looks great, graphically. Very smooth. But there’s a serious lack of weapons to just pick up already on the map, which seems odd. And Demon and Fury instead of Red vs Blue……surely not :(

    • Isaac

      I dont think there changing red vs blue there just letting u have the choice to pick a team name(probably in custom games olny)

  • Mike

    I’m gonna miss the old narrators voice… “triple kill” or “killing spree” wont feel the same :(
    other than that looks pretty good.

    • George

      It’s the same guy, they just added some techno enhancements over his voice for some reason.

    • Atlas

      It’s the same person.

    • Me

      What he is trying to say is the voice has changed and its stupid. they should have kept it the same

  • godzillaman

    I think Promethean Vision looks pretty useless. You can just look at your radar and see where they are. So I think I will be sticking with the hard light shield, jet pack, or thruster pack

    • Mike

      Your radar is actually a motion sensor. It only detects moving targets. Promethean vision will come in handy when going into a building or around a corner with someone crouched in a corner waiting for you.

    • Isaac

      Also no jet pack

  • Wow a lot of comments and DERP STUFF YOU

    What about infection???

  • Mike

    I think you can use Promethean vision way to often.  In one of the videos I see the guy using it like every 7-8 secs.  It’s gonna get way over used.  They should make the recharge time a little longer to avoid that.

  • tomi

    game play looks pretty awesome……… forerunner vision is just a little to over powered , but 343 will fix that

    • Daniel Gaona

      no one will camp as often because most of us will be using it so its balanced

  • Black Wolf V

    does the magnum and carbine firing sounds sound the same? anyone?

    • storm

      sot of but the scater shot and the battle rifle sound pretty cool well all the weapons so far do

  • storm

    Reach was alright for graphics and sound affects but halo 4 looks and sounds so much better

  • storm

    i wonder if you can play as a promeathan night or an elite for certian gametypes like invasion

    • One Fast Racoon

      no they said you can’t play as elites, and you definitely can’t play as a promethean “””k”””night.

  • dylan118halo4beast


  • Forrestgump998

    Did anybody notice that the guys that we are following in the videos get alot of assists

  • jy

    They’ve nerfed hologram by making the hologram glue bright purple. Why? They’re making a fairly ineffective armour ability even less effective

  • Todd Darcie

    i really, really, really prefer the halo reach sniper rifle. Also can anybody tell if the shots are delayed or have a long travel time after you fire? it seems like Bestman’s 2nd shot against that jumping guy really should of hit, and if they’re playing on lan i doubt it would be lag or hit detection

  • spencerhodges

    hey everyone take a look at the first video that pops up, the infinity slayer one pause at 1:03 and im pretty sure thats the orbital helmet, replacement of E.V.A i believe because it looks very similar, so yea take a look at what you think about it :)

  • spencerhodges

    is it just me or do some of these vids freeze at a certain point?

  • bob

    love the effect when your watching another player use Promethean vision that’s cool also the length of the over sheild invincibility was really long longer than 5 sec anything more than that is to long i think they sort that. pistol is just another loud pea shooter witch even when a spartan is shooting it, looks stupid they way it bounces how anybody shoots that is beyond me, and dmr ftw

  • steven

    promethean vision doesnt even matter everyone in halo runs around so whats the harm in it? halo isn’t about being stealthy considering all characters are equipped with a radar js. i think the promethean is fine

  • Xaiver Simmons

    I get that this game takes place in the future but they should have used sounds from real guns I mean the battle rifle almost sounds like the carbine that’s my only complaint but other than that I love it so glad I pre-ordered the limited edition

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