April 28, 2012

Halo 4 Playtest Reviews


This week 343i had a playtest where they invited people from MLG, pro football players, and more to check out the Halo 4 multiplayer. Luckily for us, Killa KC (MLG player) and Louis Wu (Halo.Bungie.Org founder), were kind enough to write down an overview of their experience. The following post will be a combination of the two reviews posted by the playtesters. Killa Kc post. Louis Wu post.

Killa KC Playtest

Game Variants

“I was invited by Frankie to get my hands on Halo 4 last night in NYC. Microsoft was holding a very exclusive party with some football players that were here for the NFL draft and some press (tv shows and magazine mostly it seemed). There were a couple of community guys there as well.

The multiplayer was setup for 4v4 and 8-player FFA. We played 2 Maps back and forth. Wraparound and Warhouse. Both of these Maps have been seen in the various videos and images on the web. Wraparound had a center platform that was connected via bridges and air lifts with a circular exterior. Warhouse was a multi-level structure with a few outer rooms and hallways. Both Maps were fairly small in size and played TS and FFA very well.

We were allowed to select from some different pre-set loadouts, but could not customize them. Loadouts were selected very similar to the way they were in Reach with armor abilities. Select at the start of the game or press X when you die to change your loadout. In the menu, you can edit the loadouts (we were not able to in this build).”

Battle Rifle Vs. DMR

Halo Battle Rifle Screenshot

On Twitter, a ton of people asked BR or DMR. I started playing with the BR for a while. There is no bloom and all 3 bullets are very accurate, but there wassome small bullet spread. Also, there is some recoil. After shooting a clip at the wall to test the bullet spread, my reticule was fairly higher than where I started shooting. The DMR was single shot with bloom. However, the bloom reset much faster than the DMR in Halo Reach.

Halo 4 DMR Screenshot

I didn’t have to pace my shots much at all. Both the DMR and BR were 5-shot weapons in this build. At the end of the night, I preferred the DMR. It shot faster than the BR, took the same amount of shots to kill, and I didn’t feel like the bloom made me miss shots all that often.

Promethean Vision

“Promethean Vision is the new see-through-walls ability. When you hit it, a wave of heat-mapping goes out across the screen and shows you nearby enemies. It does not show you all the way across the Map, just fairly close proximity. The enemies are also alerted when you do it. It reminded me a bit of Enhanced Vision from Shadowrun, but not as powerful. Offensively, I would ping the vision before entering a room and then charge in knowing which person to pick off first or whether I should not charge in.

Halo Reach Hologram

Hologram was very similar to the hologram from Halo Reach. Not much to say here.

Magnum also had bloom and was very similar to Halo Reach. It could be shot very fast, but the bloom would make it very inaccurate. It had 8 bullets in the clip and was a 6-shot kill. The Plasma Pistol shoots a little bit slower now when rapidly pressing the trigger, but each shot seemed to do more damage. The homing mechanism on a charged shot seemed to be toned down quite a bit.”


“Loadouts have a couple more slots than Reach loadouts. (In Reach, you get primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade, AA – in H4, you get two more slots – I forget what they were called, but they hold things like increased regen and more ammo.) I primarily stuck with the first two loadouts – the first was BR/Plasma Pistol/Plas Grenade, while the second was DMR/pistol/frag.
The plasma pistol rocks. I don’t know if it’s just the sound… but DAMN. I was killing people with regular pepper shots (which aren’t pepper at all in H4 – they’re little mini balls of fire, it seems), and the noob combo is still a reliable annhilator. Overcharged shot seems to track, at least a little bit. (Not as much as Halo 1.”


“I had some trouble getting used to finding Sprint on my left analog stick. (There are a million button layouts now, so you can pretty much set things up any way you want; I went with my normal (for me) Southpaw/Southpaw/Inverted setup, and that’s where Sprint is. Crouch is on the B button, which is bizarre.) Because of this, I felt really slow sometimes.”


“In the end, the game looks and sounds amazing. At its core, it’s the Halo everyone knows and loves. Movement felt great and I had a really great time playing it for the short amount of time I had. Hopefully 343 will invite us to a longer test session with more features available where we can provide feedback.”

    Awesome! I can’t wait for November 6th!

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    The Graphics in this game are incredible 😀

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