October 24, 2012

DLC Map Concept Art


Check out this amazing concept artwork for the recently announced Halo 4 map packs. Remember this is concept art so don’t be surprised if the finalized maps look different.

If you missed the descriptions and map pack details, click here.

Thanks to Major Nelson for uploading them and Shane Davis for pointing it out.

  • Josef Jakubiak

    Sweet jesus… Looks like we are in for a ride!

  • blabla

    wreckage and outcast look like great maps to play flood on.

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  • MLG Nyte Fury

    Damn this is amazing, I just love the innovative designs!

  • Heke

    Skyline holy crap what a masterpiece!

    • Archangel

      “Beautiful ain’t it? someone should paint a picture.”
      May he rest in peace
      And his sacrifice never forgotten

  • Ivan

    waiting for halo 4, now i gotta wait for this sick DLC :(

  • Jikar

    These are friggin’ amazing…

  • Synnota

    I just hope that they make the DLCs part of the play list and not just a side thing like they did in reach… Because I hated how I pretty much played on the DLCs once, and then was never able to play them again almost…

    • Archangel

      dude same here-it was such a waste (kinda)

      • Synnota

        Not even kinda 😛 The first map pack for reach was only playable for a few months online before they pretty much took it off, and yeah… it was like $10 of money that went away for something not really used… XD Thats just how I thought about it…

        • N2xN

          Ye so true, plus the maps weren’t too great in my opinion apart from that beach map Tempest so all in all there was really no point for it all. Anniversary was worth the money though! :)

          • Yackeem

            I really liked anchor 9 and breakpoint. Highlands was also pretty fun but we never go time to realize if they were good or not.

          • Max117

            Condemned was pretty nice also.

          • Yackeem

            Ya the low grav room was a nice way to spice up the map. But I think I’ve only played that map 3 or 4 times.

          • Raxs

            Highlands was a pretty great capture the flag map. However anchor 9 was a bit hit and miss. Breakpoint was okay but not amazing. Plus 343 said they are developing a much more efficient way for players to use DLCS 😀

          • Synnota

            Exactly why I wish they get into a full playlist with all the other maps 😛 So that way they dont go to waste

          • Synnota

            Yeah! I loved playing the anniversary maps, and people actually played them too! 😛

        • Max117

          Same for me I didn’t played them a lot but last week I noticed they weren’t here anymore so I was quite disapointed. :(

    • Yackeem

      I thought most of the DLC maps were better then the original maps in Reach. Then again I wasn’t able to play them much to compare.

      • Synnota

        They were all fine and good, but what I was saying is that I was sort of mad that they never used them all that much in match making in reach! They dont even have playlists that allow you to play them on reach any more, and they havent had them for a while 😛

    • Ivan

      sadly, i don’t think that they can because some people won’t buy it, so it is only for those who did, and eventually its going to become unpopulated. they should do it like in halo 3 how for many of the game types, you had to have all the dlc.

  • ART_Goon

    Skyline and landfall are my favorite especially skyline

    • specter

      i would have to agree with you completely on that. those are my favorite too!!!

    • Archangel

      dude i agree skyline just looks breathtaking-i hope it has a rainy and dark enviroment

    • Roy

      I too totally agree with you, it would be nice to have a multiplier map with rain/thunder on it

  • Ryan

    I’m really excited to see what Shatter, Monolith and Outcast will be, but they all look pretty great!

  • joseph098

    daybreak looks pritty good. i would like it if you go too the ship

  • Archangel

    getting that pass probably

  • SurprizeForYou

    Monolith and wreckage O.o

  • Ben Atteberry

    Wow im glad i get this with LE halo 4

    • Max117

      Me too now it make so much content !

    • Brendan Davis

      You don’t get them right away. You only get download codes for you to download them when they’re released. The first pack comes out in December, second one in February, last one in April.

  • Yackeem

    Hopefully one of these will be a forge map. Maybe outcast. or Harvest.

    • Max117

      All the maps AND the Forge maps ARE forgeable, if you didn’t know it. :)

      • Yackeem

        I ment a map designed for forge. They also said that about the anniversary maps and that was sorta a letdown. I never did much on those maps.

      • Brendan Davis

        They’re all Forgable, but that doesn’t mean you can do much with them. Breakpoint, for example, on Halo: Reach is absurdly limiting in Forge. You can hardly build anything on it. Basically you can just block certain pathways and move around/add a few weapons. You really don’t have the budget to do much else.

        I think he means he hopes they’re capable of full-Forging in that regard.

  • Jackson Rogers

    my god , why dont they slow their fucking roll wait for the game to release first. theyve shown basically everything in the game now theyre laying this shit on me? i know i dont have to get on this website, but damn. leave something to the imagaination 343. leave us some surprises.

    • N2xN

      They have said there are plenty of surprises left :)

      • Max117

        It’s right :)

    • Brendan Davis

      343i have said they have “a disturbing amount of content left to show”, so don’t worry. They’ve had 4 years and an entire company to work on this game, plus help from a couple of other companies like Certain Affinity (who is handling Forge for Halo 4 in cooperation with part of 343i), so believe me, they have tons of stuff in this game.

      There’s a reason why multiplayer alone fills up an entire 8GB disk, as does campaign. Where as Halo 3, for example, only filled up about 7 GB of a single disk. That just goes to show you that Halo 4 is packing twice the content, at least, that Halo 3 did. And when you consider they’ve optimized the game better, it’s likely even more than twice the content.

      That, and the game is in native 720p and then upscaled to 1080p, rather than 560p which when upscaled is effectively almost doubling the original render size (and thus, making the graphics/polygon edges look jagged and stretched). So the textures and such look crisper, the in-game models look much crisper and have higher polygon counts. the lighting is INFINITELY better, and the game plays much smoother/with a better framerate (especially in Forge; no more lag/framerate issues like in Reach’s Forge World).

      This game will be amazing, and they’ve put in so much thought, dedication, and care into it. You will not be disappointed, sir.

      • Jackson Rogers

        You’re preaching to the quire brother.

  • F1r3p47h

    y cant this be on game relese it will proboably be 800 microsoft points and im broke

    • Brendan Davis

      A) Because they’re not all done yet, and they don’t have time to properly create them before it does release, especially since the game has gone gold and has been shipped to manufacturing already;

      2) It would mean delaying the release date of the game; nobody wants that.

      C) The 10 maps the game DOES come with are enough for a while; the first map pack comes out in December, just a month/little over a month after the game releases. That’s quick enough for an extra 3 maps.

      4) Stop complaining about being broke and go get a job. Already got a job? Get a better one, or don’t spend your money on other crap. $10 isn’t a lot of money; I know unemployed people that can scrape that together.

      E) They release it after the fact not only for time (i.e. they have time to make the maps properly and diligently after the game is released and people are focusing on playing the game, not waiting for it), but also to make money. It’s smart business.

      6) It’s not 800 MS points; it’s 9 maps, grouped into 3 map packs; 3 maps per map pack, released over several months. The total cost of all the map packs is $24.99 if you buy the map packs together all at once by buying the “Halo 4 Map Pack Season Pass”. You also get download codes for all 3 map packs with the “Limited Edition” of Halo 4, which retails for $99 and includes all kinds of other goodies. Should have done that. But I guess if you’re broke or too young to have a job, you really have other things you should be worrying about.

      • F1r3p47h

        IM only ELEVEN

        • Spencer Hodges

          turned 12 today lol, oct 27

          • F1r3p47h

            spencer we got another troll complaining about 11 year olds

        • Brendan Davis

          Lmao. Well then stop fucking complaining about it then, the game technically isn’t even made for you in the first place, according to it’s rating. Second of all, you didn’t pay for the game, your parents did, so therefore you have NO reason or grounds to complain about anything; it was free for you. So shut up, kid.

          • F1r3p47h

            i posted that comment 5 months ago i actually paid for my halo 4 copy it cost $400 cause i got the xbox i waited at gamestop at midnight to get it so get your facts straight be4 u go trolling and as u said shut up p.s. piss off and go play minecraft or something

  • X Comm 24

    omg, 12 days if i dont get its soon im going to die…. :(

  • F1r3p47h

    im going insane aaaaaaaaarheuwich klgbjghe rjmfgfhdrjhgtfgreuwibhyr9hjuipo

    • Max117

      me tooooo LOL

  • AdamFortier

    343i probably has my second favorite concept art next to NCsoft’s guildwars 2

  • AdamFortier

    Has halo had a multiplayer map that its raining on?

    • Brendan Davis

      Not that I can remember, and I’ve played every game in multiplayer since the first week that Halo: CE came out on XBOX.

      Then again, my memory isn’t what it used to be lol. But no, I don’t believe there’s been a rainy map. I don’t think there will be either. Weather like that would add framerate issues, I’m sure. Especially with all the new lighting and it being in native 720p and all. The XBOX 360 is already being pushed to it’s limit, methinks.

      Thought I wouldn’t mind if it were storming/raining in the backround/skybox, and maybe a slight drizzle in certain open areas of the map. Or if the map is mostly enclosed/has roofs overhead, it could be raining just outside, so as not to have the rain pouring directly on you/in front of you, distracting/screwing up your line of sight when aiming and such.

      • drmuffin1080

        If crysis 2 could do it, halo 4 can put up with rain

  • N2xN

    SKYLINE!!! Wow! :)

  • Max117

    My top 3 so far are : 1.Harvest (I hope it will be a BTB map)
    2.Shatter (Probably with covenant vehicles)
    3.Skyline (Like New-Alexandria in Halo: Reach)
    And you, what are your top 3 ?

  • Arionis Chambers

    Love these concept images. Give me thoughts of Mass Effect, Star Wars, and Deus Ex.

  • migz

    They look better than reach dlc I didn’t even bother buying reach’s dlc because those maps were terrible

  • Jupachi

    They are probably going to cycle the maps every given amount of time (like a month or so) so that they can repopulate the servers with fresh content, as well as maintaining a learning curve by pushing players to exchange in new maps. I dont see why they woudn’t do this ^^ having a seasonal change for maps would be fine..

  • Brendan Davis

    Perdition looks amazing. That looks like tinted-glass floors, where the bottom section is close-quarters (but not too cramped, though) and the top part is very open, unobstructed battle ground, all with a high-tech city look to it. Very nice indeed, reminds me of the Forerunner cave from Halo: CE (the big open area where you go across the bridge of light with the Warthog after turning the bridge on). I absolutely love 343i’s design style. They make maps that really look like “Halo”, and remind me of Halo 3’s art style, but newer, better, and with a slight twist.

    “Exile”, for example, reminds me of a few different Halo 3 maps in terms of look/art style; like “High Ground” for one. Has a very bright-but-not-cartoony look that has been a staple of Halo for years, and was long forgotten with Halo: Reach with it’s drap, unsaturated, depressing art style.

  • halo4

    these maps look amazing

  • ereree

    I hope it wont be like in reach where you have to be in a special playlist to play those maps ts the one thong that cod does right

  • Alan

    Does anybody else recognize the bottom map, also they had better be some DLC forge environments.

  • chicken sucks

    notice that daybreak looks a little bit like the enviroment on reach at the first cutscne right after noble 6 puts on his helmet it looks sortve like the place

  • Raxs

    Is anyone else hoping that Outcast is a forge map? Looks amazing! I am also kinda hoping for the same thing with landfall but i doubt it.

  • Pex_Juv

    I hope these are all forge worlds

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