April 10, 2012

High Res Game Informer Screenshots and Artwork

Halo 4 Battle Rifle Game Informer Screenshot

Click the Gallery below to view a slideshow of the all new screenshots released by Game Informer. Multiplayer and Campaign are included.

  • Armando Rivera

    Thanks for putting up these awesome screenshots and for having this awesome website ^-^

    • Tim

      Haha thanks Armando, glad you like them.

  • John

    Thanks for these awesome pictures Halo 4 looks awesome so far I can’t wait to play the hell out of that game XD

    • Tim

      I know! The new HUD looks awesome (like your looking through Master Chief’s visor), but youll still have to wait about 6 months.

      • John

        Yeah I can’t wait for E3 to see some more stuff about the game and I wonder who will be the new enemy and I wonder if the flood will be in it too and yeah the new HUD is very impressive and Master chief and cortana look amazing and this is in a very old console imagine how Halo 5 and Halo 6 will look like XD

  • Angel Of Death

    *foams at the mouth* @.@

  • http://halo4nation jacob

    i cant wait to see the weapons how they look and how powerful they are and yea i am pretty impressed myself about the HUD and master chiefs new armor how they up graded it. also it really rocks that its not going to be just like halo reach was. ok i know some people like that game but to me it was just a let down. CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT. also reply on my comment if u agree with me or not

    • Axel

      halo reach was prett cool!!…only problems were that the guns fellt weak…and idk…i felt wanting more when i was done…more story (which was a pretty good story)….more fordge pieces…more multiplayer stuff,…idk…it was great…kinda like a delicous pizza…u cant just eat one slice…and thats basically what they gave u,…a great delicous slice that let me wanting more lol…

  • Axel

    so far…the game is looking vry different….not different in a bad way…just different…i dont really like the character concepts…not really a fan of master chiefs new armor or helemt (though his shoulder pieces do look really cool) lol….elites…they look cool…but their armor looks gay…everything else looks pretty good though,,,i like the new graphics…major improvements to the game engine!!…cant wait!!…this game will either be better than the other halos (im hoping)…or wont match the quality….who knows…but im excited!!! πŸ˜€

    • Evan

      ya dude, same πŸ˜€

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