April 20, 2012

New Character Model Screenshots

Halo 4 Armored Elite

What do you think of the new character models for Halo 4? The Elites look scarier and the grunts look angrier. Note if you see a gears of war locust ignore it, there is an odd picture glitch.



  • Axel

    hmmm…this game is starting to look like a cross between halo and gears of war…which looks cool…but not really halo?…the elites are suppost to be like…noble samuri´s kinda….and in here they look like monsters….and grunts are like insect like…in halo 4 they also look like monsters that could be from gears of war -___- …plus the covenant look low poly..and have low res…hopefully they change this… looks cool..but to me, its not really halo…master chief looks kinda cool though (took me along time to finally get used to his new look) lol

    • A DIRTY HOBO 59

      I’m not really sure what you mean by GoW elites and grunts have always been scaly and to me they still look like elites and grunts. And yes elites are samurai like but even since Halo CE the covenant were monstrous! So again I’m really not sure what you mean but Halo is Halo and it seems 343 has done well at keeping it that way.

      • Axel

        agreed….yea, they have…but in halo 4…they are way too scaly…just like the locust in gears of war..

        in all the halos, the elites have had scales…but they are subtle..and not really noticable…

        see the resemblance?…

        its a new look…no doubt about but idk…to me…it just does look like halo….cuz in halo ce…the did look a bit like monsters, but they always looks “noble” i guess…in halo 2…the elite look was more flushed out…in halo 3…their look was a bit more monsterous (by making them look a bit more like crocodiles and with a hunched back)…but for some reason they still looked like they had a brain lol….in halo 4…ehh…not so much…idk…guess we will have to wait to see how the game comes out…lol

        • A DIRTY HOBO 59

          Yeah I guess I see what you mean with the elites kinda resembling locust, but every Halo game has it’s own little modification to the covenant characters so slightly different looking covenant is to be expected. And again the covenant has always been very vicious so I don’t know what you mean by saying they look brainless.

    • Lincoln

      Also theses elites shown here aren’t part of the Covenant, they’re rebels that don’t have proper armour.

      • Axel

        hmm….ok…that would make sense…but how do u know this? :O

        • Tomi

          343 said that the elites that attacked MC that they didnt know that the war was over and they are rebels

          • The Dude

            that dosn’t neccesarily mean that their rebels, it just means they still think that humans must be eradicated. I also noticed though, there are no brutes. This could mean that they are rebels too.

  • KillaMOX

    This is going to be amazing. Reserved my copy today.

  • ryan

    i saw a locust at the end…?!

    • Tim

      there is a glitch with the slideshow

  • johnny

    So master chief got an armor make-over while he was in the cryo-tube ASLEEP? while he slept he got armor on his fingers and a jet pack and a different helmet out of no where? or did cortana come alive and did it for him? all i know was the cortana updated his armor firmware while he slept. 343 should’ve left the armor the way it was, maybe fix some minor details.

  • Blue Monkey 343

    CANT WAIT!!!!

  • steve davis

    are elites now your enemies?

    • jabir khan

      yeh they are

  • Svesor

    i realy like the elites but did not the elites make peace with humanity. maybe the covenant got another prophet.

  • Joe

    these elites have been trapped in this planet for years…they dont know the war is over

  • Bryce Keller

    Elites aren’t your enemies like Joe said they have been trapped on the planet so they don’t know and they communications got knocked out be the forerunner Ai Prometheans so they don’t know the war is over. And to Johnny his armorial didn’t upgrade its just completely new and better graffics

  • bmsfs

    I’m pretty sure there are still factions of the Covenant that disagree with the arbiters decision to stop the war, so they are continuing it

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