September 3, 2012

New Halo 4 Helmets Up-Close

halo 4 aviator helmet

Thank to BeniShroom on the Waypoint forums for posting these helmets. For those who have been skeptical about the helmet design in H4, hopefully some of these will fill that void.




War Master




Air Assault

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  • nick

    love aviator 😀

  • James Carne

    I like EVA and Vanguard 😀

  • Insidious

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Synnota

    😀 Oh my gosh their all epic! For a while I thought they’d all look to forerunner-ish, but they actually all look really epic! 😀

    • Synnota

      My favorites are the Enforcer and the aviator

    • Shane Davis

      See, I have been trying to tell people that they aren’t all going to be based off of forerunner schematics. Think about it like this; if you were developing a game, and you had permission to show off something from the game to the fans, wouldn’t you show off some of the new stuff first?

  • adam

    those helmets look so badass

  • Wolfcrux

    Aviator looks like the nanosuit helmet from Crysis.

    • halometalftw

      but better of course, i mean didnt crysis come out after halo? correct me if im wrong but either way halo owns crysis any day

  • Crash

    it might be hard for me to chose which helmet to wear =)


    War Master = Monkey?


      Okay sorry. I should have said more than that. I like all the helmets, it’s just that one reminds me of Planet of the Apes. I still like it though :)

  • Agent Zer0O0

    Im liking Vanguard.. I need to see them all in person first!

  • migz

    They all look amazing and they brought back the halo 3 style E.O.D

  • Halo4Dabest

    Theyre so good! My favs are Aviator and Vangaurd!

  • Raxs

    Look at that 😀 We have so much armour! There is something for everyone here! Well done 343! You did us proud :)

  • migz

    Im guessing theirs 2 variants of each helmet ? Did anyone else notice ? if that’s the case it will make more unique personalized Spartans :)

  • Scott Brandeburg

    from a distance, the war master helmet looks similar to the haunted helmet from halo reach. looks like the visor is in the overall shape of a skull

  • Sylvester Swag-Monsta Okwampa

    Vanguard FTW

  • chris

    Glad they changed the E.O.D shape, the one from Reach looked like it belonged in star wars

  • Ares

    im sooo HAPPY right now!

  • the halo player

    aviator is definetely my fav

  • Shane Davis

    If you guys want to see more then here is a vid that contains almost all of the helmets (discluding the permutations, and skins) in the pax build:

    • Spencer Hodges

      thanks dude, i always wanted to see the CIO, ima get a exclusive skin for that armor, so thanks!

      • Shane Davis

        No problem.

      • f1r3p47h

        hey can i send u a friend request when i get this game 4 christmas my gt will be f1r3p47h

  • Sam

    In 343 we trust.

    • halometalftw

      lol and God

  • disqus_rNEciYIUwB

    I WANT THE AVIATOR HELMATE SO BAD EVEN IF I AM GETTING THE FOTUS ARMOR I DONT CARE AAAAAHHH TO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM <3 and read the varients in the pictures they give even more away

  • Spencer Hodges

    been waiting to see these helmets.

  • Peter

    Vangaurd looks beast!

    • Spencer Hodges

      ikr i love it.

      • whatsyourname

        for once we agree 😉

        • Spencer Hodges


  • gffhshhsdfgdf

    how many helmets are there in total ? there must be at least 30

    • halometalftw

      probably more considering we have been told noble sixs helmet is returning, and the mark V most likely, and i wouldnt be surprised to see the rogue classic helmet, and some reach ones like CQB, ODST (possibly), pilot?, military police, JFO, CQC, grenadier, commando, etc.

  • Alan

    I’m glad that they are using what looks like a cleaned higher-res version of the EOD from Halo 3.

  • benishroom


  • halometalftw

    the vanguard looks so cool, that for sure is the helmet ill be rocking out with on release day! oh and aviator looks like 343 said to crysis “guess what we can make a helmet like yours but even better now suck it!” hahaha the aviator and vanguard are both amazing!

  • halometalftw

    look at the last picture it says:
    then underneath soldier it says:
    soldier awdhnioano (something unreadable) are there attachments returning, different varients of helmets, or is that one with and without the skin? theres so much to choose from :O

  • Shane Davis

    Bravo now uploaded a vid containing every available helmet, torso, and shoulder piece available in the Pax build with skins:

  • masterchief is a true hero

    has anyone else relized how masterchief is the ulimate alpha super hero: i mean is he tall and green like the hulk? yes. does he always keep his identity covered like batman? yes. has he been trained to his physical peak like batman? yes. does he wear a power suit like ironman? yes. has he been treated to strange stairoid treatment like captain america? yes. does he have an inpenetrable shield like captain america? yes promethean hardlight shield. is he lightning fast like the flash? yes booster pack of course. can he turn invisible like that lady from fantastic four? yes active camo. can he fly like super man? yes jetpack. can he see through walls like superman? yes promethean vision. can he create holograms like green lantern? yes hologram ability. does he have unparalleled accuracy with projectile based weapons like hawkeye? of course he can, hes the freakin chief. can he climb walls like spiderman? yes (all spartans as stated in the book canon have magnetic strips on there armor that allows them to walk up metal surfaces, why isnt this in the games? i dont know). is he all around badass like the daredevil, you know it.

  • Christopher Cooper

    air assault looks like ODST.

  • double j

    Where the hell is odst. Helmet?

  • Oddity

    War Master looks pimp! Hope they can skull it out like the EVA from Reach or the haunted helm! But where the hells gungnir?

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  • Alex Clayton Johnson

    i want the Vangaurd like now…. :)

  • halojunkie206

    lol this armor is cool but not as cool as reach’s.

  • Ross

    think ill be using aviator, looks kinda like a motocross helmet and from an ingame screenshot of the infection gamemode “flood” it seems to looks awsome ingame. I hope it wont be too hard to unlock cause it’ll go with my aviator sunnies…..wait i wear glasses, oh.

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