October 15, 2012

Preorder Bonuses in HD

Hazop Armor-Gamestop/ EB Games

Thanks to HaloDestiny for posting these high resolution images of the preorder bonus armors and skins.

Hopefully I labeled which armor comes with which business’ preorder correctly; I know some bonuses may have changed over the months. I have definitely begun to enjoy the body armor on the new spartans. Also it seems that the preorder exclusives are the skins not the armor (no need to worry).

New Vortex map here for those who haven’t seen.

  • Shane Davis

    Oceanic, and Venator <3

    • Crash

      those are my favorite

      • Shane Davis

        I like very intricate, unique designs in general. Which is why I am loving the new armory so much. xD

  • that one guy

    how does one get the locus helmet?

    • UKHaloGamer

      the helmet will be unlockable in game but the skin you have to pre-order

  • Matt Master1

    I pre-ordered from the Microsoft Store. I like that skin a lot, but the best buy armor and skin is looking pretty good too… Oh well, can’t have them all.

  • BadJoker

    if i buy limited edition , i will get all of them?
    i just dont get it lol
    please someone tell me

    • Travis Morphy

      No, buying Limited Edition will get you everything in the “Recruit Picture”
      And depending on if you Pre-Ordered/ Pre-Paid at the retailers listed you would get more.

      • BadJoker

        still didnt got this .
        if i buy limited edition from amazon , i will get the amazon bonus + recruit bonus?

        • UKHaloGamer

          yes, thats what i did too

          • BadJoker

            and what about the other bonuses? i will not get them? never? O:

          • UKHaloGamer

            theres been rumours of them bieing released later on but you might be able to buy them on ebay, I know it sucks cos being in the UK i did not really have that much choice.

          • UKHaloGamer

            it is only the skins though the armour will be unlockable in game

          • BadJoker

            yeah , i dont have any choice too .
            i am from israel and only amazon deliver to israel :

          • UKHaloGamer

            the only other one i could of got was deadeye buteveryone I know is getting that so i wanted to be differant

          • BadJoker

            i think they had to make that people have choices , like many editions with diffrents codes or i dont know how it will be lol

  • CareerVagrant

    So, I have a bit of confusion about these Armor Skins. Do you have to wear all of a specific Armor set to use the Skin, and if not, how much do you have to wea? For that matter, are the Skins something that can be worn regardless of your Armor set? This would make sense, except each Skin has corresponded to a particular Armor set, so it would not make sense for them to function with every Armor set.

    • Travis Morphy

      Essentially what it does is give you another piece of armor per body part.
      So for example with the Camo EOD, you will have the EOD helmet and the Camo helmet.
      You could have
      Helmet: Camo EOD
      Left Shoulder: Camo EOD
      Right Shoulder: Regular EOD
      Chest: Mark VI
      I hope this helps.

      • CareerVagrant

        Oh, thanks. That makes sense.

        • THE DIAKONOS

          This is probably answered here but I’m still confused. Does this mean I get those helmets in the picture AND the recruit armor and the pre-order skin that come with my Microsoft armor. And last question do I get the armor the spartan is wearing in the skin for Microsoft pre-order.

          I pre-ordered Limited Edition from Microsoft. All I want to know is what armor and what skins I get. (please untangle my mind.)

          • Andre Martin

            you get the recruit armor with prime skin, strider helmet, scanner
            helmet, assault rifle prime skin, two emblems, and I’m not sure what
            extra thing they’re giving.

          • THE DIAKONOS

            Hey thank you for this clear and concise answer. Whew. Good to hear this finally. I also get my preorder Microsoft skin too. I like!!!! Seriously thank you. @Andre Martin

      • ArchReaven

        I’m confused as to if you have to wear a certain piece of armor to get a certain skin. This would really tick me off, because maybe I don’t really like the armor that comes with my skin.

    • yuxvon12

      any armour with any skin

  • Trey Sullivan Hill

    fotus is beast too bad i preorderd from best buy :l

  • Raxs

    Soooo Awesome! :DDD I love this new armour sooo Much 😀

  • Bahaa Hamd

    Just so I get this clear to you guys YOU ONLY GET THE SKINS when you pre-order, the armour will still be obtainable (except for the limited edition+console edition armour). Thats why they wrote when showing the bonuses LOCUS helmet, the “S” stands for skin. The helmet is actually LOCU. Same as FOTUS, “S” is skin.

    • Kaylob Patterson

      the S isn’t for skin its part of the name. FOTUS stands for fist of the unicorn spartan as for LOCUS the S is also part of the name you can see it in videos that show off armor. The skins are shown as three or four capital letters next to a armor piece like how Recruit Prime is shown as Recruit PRME and Gungnir Pulse is Gungnir PULS

  • Robert Harley

    I’m with amazon so I’m getting C.I.O!

    • Nbolinaga18

      its just the skin

  • Max117

    I’m with eb games. How can we get the Locus helmet ? He is so nice !

    • Kaylob Patterson

      don’t worry it’s available for everyone in game just not the skin that is shown

      • Max117

        But how to we get the skin ?

  • Boomamasta

    So, does this mean that they found a way to give the Strider, Scanner, and Emblem to the LE people as well, or is this an unofficial display and those are still exclusive to the stand alone War Games Map Pack?


    I love that there is quite a bit of Scanner Helmet hate. I really like Scanner, so everyone won’t be wearing it :)

  • Grant Schaefer


  • JavierMunoz

    So I talked to one of the guys at my local gamestop today and he said if you buy the war games map pass separate you get all the Promotional stuff from all the other retailers that have special pre-orders.

    For example you’d get the “Best buy” armor and Oceanic armor plus the skins.

  • axel

    uhh…are these just skins (the pattern?) or preorders come with the armor already unlocked?…uhhh?…im confused…like i know the fotus armor only comes in the limited edition console…but like when u preorder from gamestop do u get the skin AND the unlocked armor?…or just the skin (pattern)…cuz in the beginning (like a few months ago) i thought it was JUST the skins…but they are showing the same armor for all of them…sooo idk now

  • FreeDrudge90

    How do u get the locus helmet? That one looks really awesome.. Anyone know?

  • kn3vil

    Microsoft Store is not offering Pre-Orders for limited edition… Says “out of stock”, think theyll get more in time to pre-order?

  • SeaSkittle

    What if you pre-orderedthe limited edition from target? Any bonus armor?

  • YungHank

    So if you pre-order from let’s say Microsoft Store, do we get the Gungnir Armor and the skin or just the skin?

  • Aidan Pierce

    ok can someone please answer this. say i pre order from game stop and get the forest skin, is that skin only for hazop armor or for all armors? Would really apreciate if someone could answer

    • tommytutle

      Gamestop don’t give you a pre-order bonus!!!! i asked them and they said no!! :/ to answer your question no skin works like the helmets did in halo reach meaning the attachments for the helmets? you can only get for a seartion helmet attachment form the helmet? so like the armor in this game its wrok the same for all the armr set? kida like askin attachment? if that make any sence xD so yes only for hazop!

  • Nicholas Bowen

    cio is awsome

  • tommytutle

    You don’t get the pre-order bonus from gamestop if you get the limited edition!! only get it if you buy the standard edition :/ that sucks!

  • tommytutle

    Gamestop don’t give you a pre-order bonus!!!!

  • James Henry

    i really want the fotus but cant offerd the xbox if i wait a while to buy the LE xbox will i still get the fotus armor or is that pre order only?

  • Halo4Hater

    limited edition is worthless now. A waste of money because they are giving out the speacilizations early to EVERYONE. When originally it was LE only. HALO 4 and 343 SUCK. Call of Halo will be the worste game ever.

    • Dr. Wolf

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    • Dr. Wolf

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  • tommytutle

    Do Gamestop ship Aalo 4 to the UK?

  • Halo4IsSoBad!

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    • Dr. Wolf

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    • Dr. Wolf

      Also dumbass most people here including me ARE halo fans so why don’t you shut the fuck up.

  • Jo

    I just got my limited edition. And; it turns out you actually do not get Strider and scanner with it. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE WAR GAMES MAP PASS OR YOU WILL MISS OUT ON THOSE TWO HELMETS! :'( ONCE YOU USE THE LE ONE YOU CAN’T USE THE OTHER!

  • 343isshit.

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      • AnOpinionFromAFan

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    • Dr. Wolf

      Look the halo series are good games Don’t be a asshole about it

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