July 15, 2012

Trailer Screenshots: The Beauty of Halo 4


I took screenshots of the Creating Halo 4 Trailer, which showcases the beautiful landscapes and environments in Halo 4. They are a bit blurry, but since the images were flashed so quickly some of you may have missed them.

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  • person

    2nd to last picture= in video shows chief getting in doesnt it=mech=throwing warthogs as a new bowling custom game

    • halo4nation

      Haha I think you just created the most awesome custom game

      • Jammin

        Question is, what will the bowling pins be?

        • Sam

          Players. They have to dodge the warthogs lol

          • spencer hodges

            definitly, new version of trash compactor πŸ˜€


          Copies of COD Black Ops2, Atleast I’m going to use them as bowling pins ; )

          • Chiefgunner

            How is it a copy of Call of Duty? Halo4( which is superior) comes out before this and they announced this before Black Ops 2, They copied Halo if someone did copying.

          • pimolij fails


          • spencer hodges

            dude, hes saying he would use COD black ops 2 AS the bowling pins, really man pay attention…

      • person

        i want this to work… best mini game i can make…NOT

  • Ivan Koshy

    hey guys if you see at the 10th picture (going from side to side) you see a pelican AND a phantom and they aren’t shooting each other, as well as the phantom being green. so covenant allies? ARBITER?? (:

    • spencer hodges

      nonono, well possibly but thats the master chiefs ship that got sucked into requiem so the phantom might be a separatist phantom, (if you dont know this already, separatist are the elites and covies with the humans, loyalist are the original covies) and they are probably searching the crash site.

      • spencer hodges

        well atleast i think its MC ship i looked at it again and im like: wait what?

    • tom

      uhhh…that phantom is purple -__- just has green lights

      • Ivan Koshy

        the loyalists don’t have green lights, only the separatists do

  • Squatchmen

    7th to the last image: The Chief is doing his annual ritual to bring water to the fertile soils

    • halo4nation

      what a good guy

      • spencer hodges


  • sebastian

    these look awesome.

  • CHa0s


  • Kael

    I want to drive the mammoth

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Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I love Halo. Enjoy.

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