January 30, 2013

Interesting Gametype Mods

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Do you like modded gametypes? If so check out the two videos below. I’ll bet you could have a lot of fun trying these customs out with your friends. Thanks ot GameTuts for posting these.

GODZILLACIDE – (Download Available)

 Fairy Slayer! (Download Available)


Discuss it in the forums

  • Yackeem


  • Mitchell Bumgardner

    How do u download it

    • Moses Davis

      Search his fileshare on H4

  • Moses Davis

    I personally love the look of Fairy Slayer, I’m going to go download it!

  • Wheelman

    Cant 343i take modded content off the fileshare and ban people caught using it? thats what ive heard, but i really want to use these gametypes…

  • Echo

    I’m going until any sort of official word on these game modes is released.

  • dvir tsur

    if i use it , i will get banned from live?

  • Wheelman

    Searching around after i saw this article I found some other modded game types. they are all kind of similar though. From gargantuan Flood to no sprint and no instant respawn variants of games. the page has the Gamertags you need to search for to get download them from fileshare. NOTE: These mods are for custom game modes, and will not give you any unfair advantages against online players. We dont need any dirty matchmaking cheaters.
    Im still hoping nobody can get banned or in trouble for this.

    • Wheelman

      And one of these mods lets you mess around with the unused armor abilities, Hacker and Teleporter.

  • Max117

    Hey guys your sure that we can’t get banned?

    • Wheelman

      Iam not sure. I remember in halo 3 is said that if modded content was in your fileshare you could get in trouble, but we might be safe if we only use the mods privatley.

  • Max117

    This is how to spend your controller battery quickly…

  • Archangel

    i’m not risking it

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