May 31, 2012

Leaked Multiplayer Gameplay On Wraparound

Screen shot 2012-05-31 at 9.09.34 PM

More multiplayer gameplay has been leaked and posted by the Halolessons website. The map they are playing on is the solar power facility named Wraparound. Notice that after the player is killed, they are able to watch a killcam (a replay of their death from the enemies perspective).

Finally the video quality is easier to see, but is still very blurry. Enjoy.

  • Snakemansam

    Looking good! Nice and fast and looks smooth. Still don’t know about the kill cams and instant spawning though

  • James

    Idk if it’s the Toaster but the kill around 0:09 if kinda skippy or laggy

    • Thomas

      everything in this video is skippy and laggy

  • Jdino188

    anybody know what the purpose of the new rocket pistol weapon is? is it going to replace the grenade launcher ?

    • Me

      Tis called a ‘sticky launcher’ and i dont know if it will replace the grenade launcher, but it will be fun to use

  • ryan

    Are they going to have where you can hold two energy swords

    • Me

      I wish. Ryan, people have been hoping for that since halo 3. probably will never happen

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