June 8, 2012

MLG Multiplayer Gameplays

MLG Gameplay

Here is the link to the MLG page that contains a few full-ish multiplayer matches check it out

MLG Gameplays

Also Ducain23 will have more gameplay updates as the day goes on.

  • George

    How come they never showed vehicular combat on longbow?

    • George

      U have the same name as me :)

  • Squatchmen

    Hey, I can’t view the video on MLG’s website, is there a YouTube link?

    I like the Carbine look a lot

    • Noel

      yeap me too!

  • john117spartan UNSC

    i like how the carbine is holographic :)

    • spencer hodges


  • Atlas

    WOW it looks amazing! Great to see some of my favourite pros liking it and doing well.

  • john117spartan UNSC

    tim could you please add some new info and pics? even if its rumors. nothing updated for a day?

  • Willard_Filmore

    I’m happy that they are putting the needle rifle reticle on the carbine.

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