May 28, 2012

More Leaked Screenshots

Railgun and Ghost

Just saw these screenshots released on reddit by user Cyren. They seem to from the same grouping of leaked images that we saw two days ago.

Things to Note

•Player can choose a tactical package (definition unknown)

•Support Upgrade is available (definition unknown)

•Image 2 shows armor abilities

•Image 6 looks like the Covenant Carbine

•Ghost and Railgun in Image 8

  • gabe

    these screenshots make me rethink of halo…… awesome!!!!!!!!

  • The Arbiter

    These are spartan ops, right?

  • SlayeRLZ

    as a Halo game should be, awesome!

  • Arbiter0x

    I think that on image 3, there is written “Firepower allows use of two primary

    Does that mean there will be dual wielding in Halo 4 even if they said that it will not be in it ?

    • Tim

      I think that means the player can have two main weapons (like the BR and the DMR), instead of having the normal pistol as a secondary.
      343i already stated that dual-wielding will not return.

      • Arbiter0x

        Yeah I don’t know, E3 is coming, hopefully they will talk about those tactical packages.

        • Adam

          what date is E3 on ?

          • Tim

            June 5-7

    • Bogiebogie

      No, it will be like in call of duty, that perk that lets you carry to primary weapons instead of one and a pistol, it is overkill in a sense.

    • willowcat

      no, it means that you can spawn with 2 primary weapons, instead of spawning with one primary (dmr, br, etc) and one secondary (plasma pistol, magnum, etc).

  • Jdino188

    Oh boy autosentry…… other than that i am happy i love the new hardlight sheild idea and the regeneration field. does anybody know what the beacon marker is for? is it in multiplayer or spartan ops?

    • RAGE

      I think I can understand why you don’t like the autosentry thing, but really I wouldn’t worry about it. 343 really knows what they’re doing and I’m sure it will turn out great!

    • Linxz6

      Auto turrets have been in multiplayer videogames before like Star Wars Battlefront so I see nothing wrong with having it in Halo; and I suspect that it will only really be useful in objective gametypes. Also I think the beacon marker will be like the support strike marker in Reach (Firefight and Campaign only)

    • Bobby

      The pictures with the assault rifle and beacon came from another leaked multiplayer video.
      1st) The assault rifle was BEAST!!! I forget how long it took but it was much faster than Reach, it was but it might still be on youtube.
      2nd) The beacon marker is actually the new grenade launcher that was premiered in the reveal teaser at last year’s E3. I don’t know if it can be remote detonated because the guy only fired a couple shots at a wall.

  • Axel

    halo 4 is looking pretty awsome!!…the ground looks like they are using higher resolutions!! 😀 and the ghost color looks pretty cool!!….it looks like invisibility will be one of the last armor abilities to unlock so hopefully it will be good and not like halo reach (because in reach, it sucked…literally had to crawl super slow to stay invisible lol) …E3 cant come faster!! :O

    • Truth

      7 days man!!!

  • Squatchmen

    Bad screen-shots, but oh well, The game reminds me of the glory days of Halo 2 and 3. Someone needs to take legit shots not from a crap TV and camcorder.


  • Squatchmen

    Duh! I finally know why they made the screenshots like this and the video so terrible, it’s because when you boot the game up on an actual HD TV with relatively good speakers, the game will speak volumes compared to it

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