June 5, 2012

Extended Multiplayer and Spartan Ops Gameplay

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Here is more of an extended look at the Multiplayer and Spartan Ops gameplays that we showed yesterday.

War Games (Matchmaking)

Spartan Ops

Infinity Multiplayer

 War Games Observations

•Sticky Detonator (Rocket Pistol) looks like it functions very similar to the Reach grenade launcher. Meaning that the explosive round doesn’t detonate until the player releases the trigger.

• Assassinations are looking awesome. Especially the tackle stab.

•Rag doll physics are back (Yay!)

•Ordinance drops can be requested?

•Each Loadout allows you to chose an armor mod [@1:25 in Infinity video, armor pack is selected]

•Vehicles can be EMP’ed [1:24 of War Games]

•Grenade toss sound effects sound similar to getting soda from a vending machine.

Spartan Ops Observations

•Forerunner Vision [:56]

•Hardlight Shield armor ability [1:27]

•Promethean Knights have some sort of thruster pack [1:35]

•Enemies will be Covenant and variations of Promethean foes.

  • Amir

    No words to explain how awesome this looks.

  • Joe

    I bet that that ordnance request thing is when you get a certain amount of kills then you can choose whether or not you want a large weapon, a small weapon or a new armor ability then to choose you have to use the D-pad. Once you confirm which one you want, you go to the nearest drop area and there will be your ordnance.

    • Emilio

      You’ve obviously seen some footage on this

  • 7heSama

    Some stuff I noticed that I hadn’t before (Ops video)-

    Players can’t shoot when using the Shield.

    At 1:00 in the Ops footage, a spartan appears to fall from a height and stumble. So, movement stun in addition to fall damage?

    Weird beam-like pulse from the Rocket Launcher at 1:08. I assume either placeholder effects, or placeholder model for a Promethean rocket weapon.

    Little Promethean dog-like construct (forget their names) at 0:56 takes two whacks to the face, unlike in the campaign demo where they took just one before dying. This, along with the weakness of the Elite’s shields, and the Jackel who took one body burst from the BR to kill, all but confirms my suspicions that the campaign demo was on easy or maybe normal.

    At 0:58, the visor mode Cortana activated is being used. So, unsurprisingly, I think we can control that ourselves at most points.

    At 0:30, someone (voice sounds familiar) gives some tactical advice over the comm. That is a good indicator to me, that the missions aren’t just thrown together AI encounters.

    At the very end of the mission, the pilot says “Nice work, Crimson. Hold up, I thought we were Majestic squad? Maybe players can choose their own squadnames? I doubt it, as you would need hundreds of thousands for each to be unique, but… I don’t know what’s up.

    That’s about all I got, I think. Can’t wait for Ops.

    • Tim

      Great finds, thanks for posting

    • Jose

      Yes, forerunner vision is actually an armor ability. So we can turn it on whenever we want…as long as we have that armor ability.

    • Squatchmen

      Props for the awesome Infinity Multiplayer video!

      @7heSama – Thanks for the break down, and just because I’m here posting, I like to think that Halo 4 has only 2 parts to it:

      1.) Story – Campaign/Spartan Ops
      2.) Competitive – Multiplayer/Playlists

      This is an asymmetrical design, and I like to think that the Campaign coupled with the Spartan Ops creates one big story driven adventure, while the Infinity Multiplayer is just the other half with several playlists underneath it, both act to balance each other out.

      I don’t know why I think this way, but I do, could be because of my artistic sense, and I’m majoring in Graphic Design in college. So there you go

      • Alex

        Do u think that halo 4 gonna have a forge mode ?

  • Fun Guy

    Man, 343 is taking it all the way!

  • Random Anonymous Human Being

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I have to get this off my chest.I am SOOOOOO f***ing tired of fighting to covenant, didnt we win the war against them in Halo 3, now we are back to war with them? LAAAAAAAAAME. WE WON THE F***ING WAR AGAINST THE COVENANT, THAT WAS THE POINT OF HALO 3! WE FINISHED THAT FIGHT! Halo 4 should only have the new enimies, The covenant were a fun foe over the years, but im f***ing sick of them now.
    It only makes sense for Elites to return, because they were not part of the covenant after Halo 2.

    • Tim

      The covenant will only be a partial enemy throughout the gameplay, then the new enemy will most likely take over.

  • Halo Fan

    So is there still not going to be a numbered ranking system for multiplayer? That’s one of my biggest complaints going from Halo 3 to Reach.

  • Chiefy

    The sound from the plasma pistol shots in Spartan Ops (0:28) is just amazing. The sound quality all-together is impecable! I won’t be able to play this game with music anymore!

  • Jose

    Does anyone know what the little circle in the left in MP is for? The one that is next to the medals. Not the one for the armor ability, but the one above it? It seems to fill up once the player does something, like kill someone or get a double kill or something…is it for some kind of streak or something like that?

    • Truth

      It is for an ordnance drop. Once the circle fills up you get to choose 1 of 3 options of ordnance.

      • Jose

        Thanks! How do you know this though? And the three options are based on what? The gametype? The map? The player? Do you know?

        • Truth

          In one video I saw, right when the circle filled up he gets 3 options for an ordnance drop. I don’t know what the options are based on, or anything about your other questions. But if you have any other questions I’d be happy to answer them.

          • Jose

            can you point me to the video? Thanks for answering btw!

          • Truth

            Here is the video link jose


            Go to 1:11 on the video. You can see the circle reset when he gets the ordnance options.

          • Jose

            How do you know that comes up after he fills the circle up though? I can’t notice that….the guy on the take before that one does fill it up though….maybe they mixed them on purpose I guess? Didn’t notice he was selecting his option from that thing that pops up though, nice catch.

  • Fadida

    I want numbered reank system again 1-50. I hate all this COD bull shit ranking taking over halo. Halo shuld just be halo….

    • Jose

      I agree. I definitely want the numbered rank system back…made it much more addictive and competitive. Maybe they should have a mix from Halo 3’s system and Reach.

    • Stephen

      How is that CoD? It doesnt make it any more or less Halo. Sorry but thats just lame. Cal of duty wasnt the first game to use ranking like that. Gears of War has a similar system. So does Section 8. So does Battlefield.

      1-50 thing was a big gimmick for people to mod, boost and cheat to obtain. Better to just let it be based on the time you put in not some stupid ranking system that didnt even work.

      I remember winning a close game in Halo 3 Team Slayer and actually dropping from 46 to 45. Yeah real pro ranking system.

  • jesse

    Just a little info from the official halo 4 website : the maps you see in the video are Longbow (snowy btb map) Adrift ( warhouse) and Haven (wraparound) these are so far the only confirmed maps for halo 4 and they look awesome 😀

  • mcjiph

    looks like the unsc guns have hit markers

  • haseo yashimora

    first Tim, ty so much for posting this! second, you know nathan fillion is beta testing this xD

  • Fun Guy

    So for an ordinance drop, you earn it as a kill streak or is it some type of an ability?

  • Squatchmen

    BullShit!!!! yeah right 20 years to build the UNSC Infinity! that should NEVER take that long! Even if it’s over 3 miles long, it should only take 7 MAYBE 10 years max to build. By the year 2552, advancements in robotics and machinery coupled with future technologies, the build shouldn’t take that long.

    I just realized that replaying the video

    • Meh

      The infinity employs Forerunner technology, so yes it does make sense for it to have taken 20 years to integrate everything.

      • Squatchmen

        Do you know for a fact that the Infinity has Forerunner technology abroad or installed on the ship itself?

        Show me the proof

        • Blu

          They say it in a video on waypoint don’t remember which also I need to read Glasslands it talks about Blue Team, The Dyson Sphere, and The Infinity.

      • spencerhodges

        actaully…. true… true, true, true.

    • spencerhodges

      true man but i mean it doesnt really matter you know its jus for dramatics and stuff i guess, but it doesnt look around three miles or more it looks like 10 miles i think but i might jus be retarded idk

    • Sylvester Swag-Monsta Okwampa

      It probably took a couple years for them to create the stimulation room the the Spartans fight in…

  • James

    343i just continues to amaze me!

    • spencerhodges


  • xSupreme

    Notice that the “Rocket Pistol” has a motion radar in the gun In the War games video… Pretty cool to line up your shots

  • Rebirth7Infinity

    Does anybody here think that the default helmet looks just deformed and shitty to be default. It looks like if it was a EOD improvement Helmet to start with.

    • spencerhodges

      no it looks pretty good to me for a default helmet but hazop looks definitely deformed its all like blaaaaaarhg

  • spencer hodges

    I personally think that the assasination when he breaks the guys back then arm is awsome, im gonna call that the back breaker, 😀

    • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

      its deffinitely assassanation nation in the first video lol

  • the steriliz3r

    hey guys im friends with the lead tester of halo 4 if you send him a messag he will answer any questions about halo 4 hes prety cool too just send me a message ill ask him . my gamer tag is the steriliz3r


    I dont know. In all the videos ive seen, ive only seen three different types of spartan v spartan assassinations. 1: Land on top of them and knife. 2: break their back. 3: the energy sword assassinatoin. In reach, i have mastered the locations on the body to access different assassinations and have know every single one. spartan v grunt, spartan v brute, elite v spartan, spartan v elite, and i am not seeing small locations, rather half the back is devoted to one assassinatoin and the other a different asssassinatoin. but if they only have one assassination animation for the sword im gonaa be angry because that was in rach and it was boring aftere a while.

  • tyler

    to me it looks like they over nerfed the rocket launcher because in the end of the 1st vid it took 2 rockets to kill 1 guy if its always gonna play like that then the launcher just wont be worth using against players and vehicles for that matter

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