June 4, 2012

Multiplayer and Spartan Ops Gameplay

Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 3.26.39 PM

  • ish

    some1 call 911, jizz wont stop coming out

    • Korick

      I tried, bu the Numbers are all sticky.

  • Jon

    Elites have taken a lot of Predator influence.

    • Squatchmen

      Agreed, still, this game is a boss

  • Atlas

    Wonder if Light Rifle is going to be an available starting weapon in multiplayer, I really hope so.

  • Fun Guy

    What I wonder is what type of story will these missions unfold, will it tie directly into the campaign or will it have its own Spartans on their own missions.

    Another thing I wonder about durig these missions is it looked as if the spartans were facing both the Prometheans and the covenant, does this infer that they will be working together or will the Prometheans be fighting against everyone?

  • zohaib alvi

    I hope 343 industries makes a Halo 5!

    • just a halo fan

      aperently this is the first of a trilogy. so there gonaa be 5 and 6 that 343 makes about the Prometheans.

  • Guy fartin

    To much like call of duty, ur goin to ruin haloo

    • Kirtis

      wow they add AA’s and its call of duty?? Halo = multiple shots – COD = spray n pray. plain halo just gets boring….


    what are the Elites doing! they were helping the humans win on halo3 now they turn on them!


    hmmm wonder what the arbiter thinks

  • jake

    dear BIG BOSS those are heritic elites known as thunder or some shit

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