November 6, 2012

Multiplayer Gameplay Tips


Bravo and the HaloCouncil offer their personal tips to help you master your War Games gameplay.

Ordinance Drop Tips

Where to aim your snapshots


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  • Caelan Lee

    well, since i don’t have Halo 4 until friday, (which is when it’s in the mail) it’ll be good to prepare

    • Squatchmen

      Yeah, holy crap…. my copy doesn’t get here till Thursday

      • Philimanjaro

        I know how you all feel. I preordered 3 months ago and mine is coming 3 days late for some reason.

        • Ben Veazey

          I just ordered the H4 LE Console, man I am SOO exited!

    • Raxs

      Yeah, I don’t get it till Friday either D: but it’s mostly because my dad ordered it at his house and i don’t get there till friday :S

    • Shane Davis

      I already have mine πŸ˜€

    • Mike

      In store pick up people!!!

  • team majestic

    This game is incredible so far, next up GOTY!

  • Archangel

    I got 17 kills my first match and leveled up to sr 3…that wouldn’t have been possible for me in reach

    • Archangel

      question-they say getting ordnance is hard but i got 3 or 4 in most matches afterward. What did they mean?

      • Toxicspikez

        I think as you rank up, it gets harder and harder to get ordnance and rank ups.

  • Epaine

    My very first match i played online i was on solace i got a double kill with two headshots without seeing the enemy because the yellow beam was in the way. Game is freaking Awesome!

  • John Wallace

    i was stupid and placed my pre-order on sunday. Now i wont get halo until next tuesday ;~;

  • swagbags

    you all lucky i dont think i wiil get halo 4 money doesnt grow on trees

    • Toxicspikez

      If I knew you in real life, I would shower you with 100 Bux.

      • swagbags

        thnx man i would get halo 4, ac3 and mohwarfighter

  • X Comm 24

    yeah well you guys that pre-ordered and are getting it on Friday are lucky….. mine is coming on the 13th :( (i pre-ordered from bestbuy)

    • John Wallace

      me too

  • a random dude

    I have my Limited Edition all wrapped up in the cellophane still. I’m not allowed to play Xbox until the weekend and after all my homework is completed.

  • Thematrix117

    first match
    inf slayer on haven
    22-5 1 killing frenzy and i think 2 killing sprees, i used the br, the dmr and the scattershot and used 1 pulse grenade to pop 2 guys shields 2 headshots with magnum finisher.
    shot up to sr-4 [i was already at sr2 for playing forge with lil bro] I LOVE THIS GAME GREAT JOB 343 INDUSTRIES!!!!!

  • David Amy Zislin

    i have mine and its boss

  • Gawdofgaming

    This game is amazing I got up at 4 in the morning on a school day to play its so fun br feels awesome so does dmr It’s also kind of easy I went 26 and 10 in my 3rd game ever

    • Gawdofgaming

      And sniper is amazing I got 2 killing sprees on Valhalla first time I played it. Sorry if I’m bragging or being a fag but I’m so excited

  • David Amy Zislin

    i was on raviene and right when i got in the game i was pumping beast kills

  • Prosniper

    My first game I played big team and got a perfection. I went 46-0

  • swagbags

    my god, these people take this seriously, i just play for fun

  • Jauhar Khan

    got mine πŸ˜€


    Dude I really need u on my team :)

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